Asie Payton

Birth Name:
Asie Reed Payton
Birth Date:
April 12, 1937
Death Date:
May 19, 1997
Place of Death:
Holly Ridge, Mississippi
Cause of Death:
Heart attack
Cemetery Name:
Holly Ridge Cemetery
Claim to Fame:
Asie Payton was a delta blues musician who made his living as a farmer his entire life. Relatively unknown outside of Mississippi, for two years before his passing Fat Possum records tried unsuccessfully to convince Asie that the world outside Mississippi needed to hear him. But despite living below the poverty level and desperately needing the easy money of a gig, he could not be lured away from Holly Ridge for more than a couple of hours.

Fun Fact

Fat Possum Records succeeded in recording Asie only twice: once at Junior Kimbrough’s club and once at Jimmy’s Auto Care (Fat Possum’s old recording studio). Those recordings were released on the album “Worried”  originally intended to be demo tapes. A private man, all anyone knew about Asie was that he lived in a shotgun shack with no phone, no air conditioning and that whenever the fields were dry enough for tractor tires, he was working in them. When they were too wet, Asie was impossible to find. He lived in Holly Ridge almost all of his life and, like his father before him, spent Saturday nights playing in one of the two small grocery stores that qualify Holly Ridge for a name on the map.

Cemetery Information:

Final Resting Place:

Holly Ridge Cemetery

Rexburg Road

Holly Ridge, Mississippi, 38751


North America

Grave Location Description

Asie Payton’s grave is located in the middle of the cemetery in front towards the road. He shares this cemetery with Charley Patton and Willie Foster.

The cemetery is difficult to find however the GPS coordinates are 33.44544-90.75801



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