Barney Hill

Birth Name:
Barney Hill Jr.
Birth Date:
July 20, 1922
Birth Place:
Newport News, Virginia
Death Date:
February 25, 1969
Place of Death:
Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Cause of Death:
Brain hemorrhage
Cemetery Name:
Greenwood Cemetery
Claim to Fame:
The Odd and the Interesting
Betty and Barney Hill lived in Portsmouth, New Hampshire where Betty was a social worker and Barney was a postal worker. The couple were catapulted into the international spotlight when in September 1961 they claimed to have been abducted by aliens in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The two were returning home to Portsmouth from a trip to Montreal, Canada, when as they were driving in the middle of the night, they saw lights approaching from the sky. What followed is said to be the first well-documented, "feasibly legitimate" UFO abduction in history. The couple claimed that they saw bipedal humanoid creatures in the window of a large spacecraft that landed in a field. They claimed they were followed by a spaceship and eventually accosted, kidnapped, examined, and then released by its extraterrestrial crew. The event has since become the best documented and most famous case of alien abduction in the history of UFO-ology. The story of the Hills grew big enough to prompt a best-selling book by John Fuller entitled "The Interrupted Journey", inspire a television movie called "The UFO Incident" starring James Earl Jones and Estelle Parsons. Over time their story was subjected to a brutal debunking by multiple people including the famous intellectual Carl Sagan.

Fun Fact

The aliens that allegedly abducted Barney and Betty Hill spoke perfect English. No … really.

Cemetery Information:

Final Resting Place:

Greenwood Cemetery

8-2 N Road

Kingston, New Hampshire, 03848


North America

Grave Location:

Section 4, Lot B

Grave Location Description

As you enter this small, rural cemetery drive straight ahead and park at the end. Barney and Betty Hill are buried in Lot B, 3 spaces from the end of the section and 6 spaces from the road on your right.

Grave Location GPS

42.94209961, -71.06101951

Visiting The Grave:



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