Brian Connolly

Birth Name:
Brian Francis Connolly
Birth Date:
October 5, 1945
Birth Place:
Govanhill, Glasgow, Scotland
Death Date:
February 9, 1997
Place of Death:
Slough, Berkshire, England
Cause of Death:
Kidney failure, liver failure and repeated heart attacks
Cemetery Name:
Breakspear Crematorium
Claim to Fame:
As lead singer for the glam band Sweet, Brian Connolly and Sweet enjoyed a string of hits “Block Buster” topping the chart, followed by three consecutive number two hits in “Hell Raiser”, “The Ballroom Blitz” and “Teenage Rampage“. Their first self-written and produced single “Fox on the Run” also reached No.2 on the UK charts. Unfortunately a wicked smoking habit, excessive alcohol consumption and a vicious attack outside a nightclub in Staines all caused damage to his vocal chords and he was forced to leave the band.

Not-so-Fun Fact

In 1974 Connolly was badly beaten after leaving a nightclub in Staines where he received several kicks to his throat resulting in his being unable to sing for some time and permanently losing some of his vocal range. This event also meant the band missed out on supporting The Who at Charlton Athletic Football Ground.

Cemetery Information:

Final Resting Place:

Breakspear Crematorium

Breakspear Road

Ruislip, Middlesex, , HA4 7SJ


Grave Location:

Chapel cloisters wall

Grave Location Description

Brian’s wall plate memorial is located 5 rows from the bottom and 20 spaces to the right of the corner. Please note this is a cenotaph and not an actual burial site. His remains were scattered in the Garden of Remembrance.

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