Charlie Patton

The Father of the Delta Blues
Birth Name:
Charlie Patton
Birth Date:
April 1, 1891
Birth Place:
Edwards, Mississippi
Death Date:
April 28, 1934
Place of Death:
Heathman-Dedham plantation, 350 Heathman Street, Indianola, Mississippi
Cause of Death:
Heart Disease (Mitral Valve Disorder)
Cemetery Name:
Holly Ridge Cemetery
Claim to Fame:
Small in stature but a giant blues talent, the often stubborn and rude (he was married 8 times) Charley Patton was the most influential artist of the first blues generation. And while there are no guitars, homes, autographs and only two known photographs of the bluesman, time has not diminished his celebrity and his place in blues history has reached mythical proportions.

Cemetery Information:

Final Resting Place:

Holly Ridge Cemetery

Rexburg Road

Holly Ridge, Mississippi, 38751


North America

Grave Location Description

Roughly 200 feet from the road. Keep in mind nobody knows exactly where he was buried so they just placed the headstone randomly within the cemetery

Grave Location GPS

33.4447222, -90.7580556

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