Edwin Merton McBrier

Birth Name:
Edwin Merton McBrier
Birth Date:
July 16, 1865
Birth Place:
McBrier Farm, Russell, New York
Death Date:
September 19, 1956
Place of Death:
Mountainside Hospital, Montclair, New Jersey
Cause of Death:
Natural causes
Cemetery Name:
Rosedale Cemetery
Claim to Fame:
Business and Finance
Born in 1865, McBrier grew up in Hermon, New York. Eventually he left his home and ended up in Lockport, New York where he went into business with Frank. W. Woolworth and Seymour Knox, a founding partner of the famous Woolworth Co. Located on Main Street, it was known as Woolworth & McBrier/Knox & McBrier 5 and 10 cent Store. The business thrived and grew into a successful chain of stores. By the company’s 50th anniversary in 1929, there were 2,247 Woolworth stores in the United States, Canada, Cuba, England, and Germany. Sales topped $303 million.

Fun Fact

Edwin McBrier’s final residence was at 203 South Mountain Avenue in Montclair, New Jersey.

Cemetery Information:

Final Resting Place:

Rosedale Cemetery

408 Orange Road

Montclair, New Jersey, 07042


North America


Cemetery Map Rosedale Cemetery in Montclair New Jersey

Grave Location:

Plot 42, Lot 30

Grave Location Description

As you enter the cemetery take the first right and drive a short distance until you see the white “Hartford” mausoleum. Make a sharp left with the Hartford mausoleum on your right and drive up to the intersection and park. Directly across the road from Hartford is the large sarcophagus of the artist George Inness, Jr. Directly across the street and to the left of the Hartford mausoleum is the grave of Edwin McBrier.

Grave Location GPS

40.79105355, -74.22198253



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