Henry N. Sargent

Birth Name:
Henry N. Sargent
Birth Date:
August 4, 1830
Birth Place:
New Boston, New Hampshire
Death Date:
January 13, 1854
Place of Death:
New Boston, New Hampshire
Cause of Death:
Suicide - Gunshot wound
Cemetery Name:
New Boston Cemetery
Claim to Fame:
Crime and their Victims
Sevilla Jones was 17-year-old girl who was shot dead by Henry Sargent one morning as she was walking to school with her younger brother. Henry loved Sevilla, and he believed that she had “given him encouragement.” However, he had a rival in another young man, named Ebenezer Bartlett. Henry used a revolver to shoot Sevilla four times, killing her instantly. He then shot himself, but with less immediate success. It has been said that a doctor was fetched, but this doctor was so angry that he refused to treat Henry’s wound. Henry died hours later. Sevilla's headstone is unusual in that it names her murderer.

The inscription on New Boston’s most notorious gravestone reads:

SEVILLA, daughter of George and Sarah JONES.
Murdered by HENRY N. SARGENT, January 13, 1854.
[At the age of] 17 years and 9 months.
Thus fell this lovely blooming daughter
By the revengeful hand – a malicious Henry
When on her way to school he met her
And with a six self-cocked pistol shot her.

Cemetery Information:

Final Resting Place:

New Boston Cemetery

99-1 Cemetery Rd

New Boston, New Hampshire, 03070

United States

North America


Map of New Boston Cemetery in New Boston, New Hampshire

Grave Location:

Old Cemetery, Sargent Family Plot, 10L

Grave Location Description

As you enter the cemetery gates look to your immediate left for a burial vault built into the hillside. Stop just past the vault and walk 8 monuments up the hill and you will find the grave of murderer Henry Sargent. Contrary to popular belief he is not buried alone but rather with his family.

Grave Location GPS

42.97453703, -71.68759758



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