Howard Hughes

Birth Name:
Howard Robard Hughes Jr.
Birth Date:
December 24, 1905
Birth Place:
Humble, Texas
Death Date:
April 5, 1976
Place of Death:
In flight from Acapulco, Mexico, to Houston, Texas
Cause of Death:
Kidney failure in part from the effects of a meagre diet and long-term prescription drug abuse
Cemetery Name:
Glenwood Cemetery
Claim to Fame:
Business and Finance
Howard Hughes inherited a small fortune in the tool and die manufacturer business and pursued his passions for aviation and motion-picture production and as a director to create an enormous fortune and celebrity. But they say money doesn't solve all your problems and after a spectacular crash landing in Beverly Hills, California and subsequent drug addiction, he gained celebrity from his eccentricities and reclusiveness as he descended into madness.

Fun Fact

When the body of Howard Hughes landed in Houston, Texas back in 1976 the medical examiners office was ready to take possession of the body for an autopsy. So the questions is – did he really have 3-inch long fingernails as reported in the media?

The one hour and forty minute autopsy on the 70-year-old billionaire was performed by officials at Methodist Hospital. Hughes’ body, which once stood tall at 6’4″, was so emaciated that he’d shrunk two inches in height. He weighed just 90 pounds, and his face was partly covered by a beard and mustache.

Though there were many rumors about Hughes since he’d gone into seclusion years earlier, the medical examiner emphasized that the eccentric Hughes did not have three-inch long fingernails, he simply looked like an aged man who had been bedridden for months. Several years later Hughes personal physician, Dr. Wilbur Thain, revealed that he believed Hughes had died from “prolonged, massive doses of aspirin”.


Cemetery Information:

Final Resting Place:

Glenwood Cemetery

2525 Washington Avenue

Houston, Texas, 77007


North America


Howard Hughes is #11 on the map above

Grave Location:

Oakdale Section

Grave Location Description

The large Hughes Family memorial is located at the intersection of Sections Oakdale, Oakdale West and Little Hillside directly on the small side road.

Grave Location GPS

29.763433754091217, -95.38737071722998

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