Jean Tourane

Birth Name:
Jean Briel
Birth Date:
November 3, 1919
Birth Place:
Angervilliers, France
Death Date:
March 24, 1986
Place of Death:
Le Val-Saint-Germain, Essonne, France
Cause of Death:
Natural Causes
Cemetery Name:
Cimetière du Val-Saint-Germain
Claim to Fame:
Show Business
Jean Tourane was a French filmmaker known for his footage of small animals. Among others he filmed a television series about a small duck named "Saturnin" during the 1960s. Tourane started his professional career as a painter and photographer of small animals, and moved from photography into film. After making a number of shorts, he made the first full-length Saturnin movie, and was in 1964 awarded a contract for 78 television episodes with French television. In the 1990s, clips from this series were merged into a new series called The Adventures of Dynamo Duck, which aired on Fox Kids in the United States.

Fun Facts

Within the first three minutes of The Secret of Magic Island, a duck drives a truck, a dog pours a cocktail, and a family of bunnies wash up and make breakfast. If you don’t think this is the most pleasant movie ever made, you obviously have never seen two bunnies playing miniature chess on a tiny train before. Or playing a game of pool in a seedy bar while smoking cigarettes.

Also, this movie beat the internet to the creation of Keyboard Cat by 50 years exactly. God bless the French!

Cemetery Information:

Final Resting Place:

Cimetière du Val-Saint-Germain

Le Val-Saint-Germain, Departement de l'Essonne, Île-de-France, 91530



Grave Location:

Briel Famille Tombe

Grave Location Description

Located 20 miles south-west of Paris, France near the intersection of Rte. des Sueurs and Chem. de la Vieuville, as you enter the cemetery gates walk straight ahead to the memorial and then turn right and then an immediate left. Walk straight ahead until the path ends (about 15 graves). Turn left then a quick right and walk to the stone wall that borders the cemetery. Turn left and the third grave on the right is that of Jean Tourane (Briel).

Grave Location GPS

48.56219695111225, 2.064947904994872

Visiting The Grave:



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