John L. Sullivan

The Boston Strong Boy
Birth Name:
John Lawrence Sullivan
Birth Date:
October 15, 1858
Birth Place:
Roxbury, Massachusetts
Death Date:
February 2, 1918
Place of Death:
Abington, Massachusetts
Cause of Death:
Heart disease
Cemetery Name:
Mount Calvary Cemetery
Claim to Fame:
John L. Sullivan was an American boxer recognized as the first heavyweight champion of gloved boxing, de facto reigning from February 7, 1882, to September 7, 1892. He is also generally recognized as the last heavyweight champion of bare-knuckle boxing under the London Prize Ring Rules, being a cultural icon of the late 19th century America, arguably the first boxing superstar and one of the world's highest-paid athletes of his era. Newspapers' coverage of his career, with the latest accounts of his championship fights often appearing in the headlines, and as cover stories, gave birth to sports journalism in the United States and set the pattern internationally for covering boxing events in media, and photodocumenting the prizefights. He had a record of 47 wins, 1 loss and 2 draws, with 38 wins by knockout, though many sources disagree on his exact record.

Cemetery Information:

Final Resting Place:

Mount Calvary Cemetery

366 Cummins Highway

Roslindale, Massachusetts, 02131


North America


Map of Mount Calvary Cemetery in Roslindale, Massachusetts

Grave Location:

Section 3, Lot 24, Grave 3

Grave Location Description

Drive through the cemetery until you come to the intersections of Sections 3, 4, 14 and Hawthorn Path at the corner of Maple Avenue and Consecration Avenue. Look into Section 3 right on the road at the tallest monument you can find and you have found the final resting place of Boston’s very own John L. Sullivan.

Grave Location GPS

42.27658589, -71.10887367

Visiting The Grave:



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