Ogden Nash

Birth Name:
Frederic Ogden Nash
Birth Date:
August 19, 1902
Birth Place:
Rye, New York
Death Date:
May 19, 1971
Place of Death:
Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland
Cause of Death:
Heart failure after suffering a stroke during treatment for kidney failure
Cemetery Name:
East Cemetery
Claim to Fame:
Writers and Poets
Ogden Nash was an American poet well known for his light verse, of which he wrote over 500 pieces. With his unconventional rhyming schemes, he was declared by The New York Times the country's best-known producer of humorous poetry.

Fun Fact

Ogden Nash is buried with both his wife, his man servant Clarence on the right and his daughter Isabella to his left.

Cemetery Information:

Final Resting Place:

East Cemetery

Atlantic Avenue at Woodland Road

North Hampton, New Hampshire, 03862


North America

Grave Location:

Nash Family Plot

Grave Location Description

From Atlantic Avenue turn onto Woodland Road, drive 100 feet and park on the left in the small dirt patch. Walk through the cemetery gates and continue straight for 200 feet and look to your right for a large bush and path to the older section on your right. You should be able to see Ogden Nash’s headstone 30 feet from the short downhill path.

Grave Location GPS

42.96427199181178, -70.79772179301551

Visiting The Grave:



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