William Andrews Clark Jr.

Birth Name:
William Andrews Clark Jr.
Birth Date:
March 29, 1877
Birth Place:
Deer Lodge, Montana
Death Date:
June 14, 1934
Place of Death:
Mowitza Lodge, Salmon Lake, Montana
Cause of Death:
Heart attack
Cemetery Name:
Hollywood Forever Cemetery
Claim to Fame:
Business and Finance
William Andrews Clark Jr. was a philanthropist, lawyer, book collector, founder of the Los Angeles Philharmonic and the youngest surviving son of copper baron and U.S. Senator William Andrews Clark Sr. and his first wife, Katherine

Fun Fact

Clark Jr. has a relatively infamous half-sister – Huguette Clark. Huguette Marcelle Clark (June 9, 1906 – May 24, 2011) was an American painter, heiress, and philanthropist, who became well known again late in life as a recluse, living in a hospital (but she wasn’t ill) for more than 20 years while her various mansions remained unoccupied (yet fully staffed and maintained).

Cemetery Information:

Final Resting Place:

Hollywood Forever Cemetery

6000 Santa Monica Blvd.

Los Angeles, California, 90038


North America


Map of Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles, California
Map of Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles, California

Grave Location:

Clark Family mausoleum on Sylvan Lake 

Grave Location Description

As you drive through the gates take the first hard left and drive around to the lake. The massive structure in the middle of the lake is the final resting place of William Andrew Clark Jr.

Grave Location GPS

34.08894594288991, -118.31689749312311

Visiting The Grave:



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