Angelo Jacopucci

Birth Name:
Angelo Jacopucci
Birth Date:
December 22, 1948
Birth Place:
Tarquinia, Italy
Death Date:
July 22, 1978
Place of Death:
Maggiore Hospital, Bologna, Italy
Cause of Death:
Right frontoparietal subdural hematoma and diffuse cerebral edema
Cemetery Name:
Cimitero di Tarquinia
Claim to Fame:
Angelo Jacopucci was an middleweight Italian boxing champion who was affectionately called by his fellow citizens "brigetto" to underline his slender physical structure and agility. Upon winning the continental middleweight title, he lost it in the first defense. Subsequently he challenged the then title-holder Englishman Alan Minter in an attempt to recover the title. During the final two rounds of the 12 round match, Jacopucci suffered fatal blows to the head and died two days later from the damage.

Not-So-Fun Facts

Five years after the fatal boxing match, an Italian court found the ringside doctor guilty of second-degree manslaughter in having failed to take proper action after a boxing match that led to the death of one of the fighters, Angelo Jacopucci. The doctor, Ezio Pimpinelli, was given a suspended sentence of eight months in jail and was ordered to pay $14,000 in damages to Jacopucci’s widow. The 1978 bout matched Jacopucci, an Italian, against Alan Minter of Britain for the European middleweight championship. Jacopucci was knocked out in the 12th round, fainted during a party several hours later and was hospitalized. He lapsed into a coma, underwent two brain operations and died two days after the bout.

Cemetery Information:

Final Resting Place:

Cimitero di Tarquinia

SP43, 65

Tarquinia, Lazio, Province of Viterbo, 01016



Grave Location:

Angelo Jacopucci monument

Grave Location Description

From downtown Tarquinia when you reach Strata Vicinale delgi Archi take the road off to the left towards the cemetery. This paved road will turn sharply to the left, past a floral shop and into the cemetery. Stop at the end of the road and walk to the right to the border of the cemetery to the last large mausoleum. On the right hand side you will see the monument to hometown hero boxing legend Angelo Jacopucci.

Grave Location GPS

42.246858779908486, 11.78183083386746



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