Anton Cermak

Birth Name:
Anton Joseph Cermak
Birth Date:
May 9, 1873
Birth Place:
Kladno, Bohemia, Austria-Hungary
Death Date:
March 6, 1933
Place of Death:
Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami, Florida
Cause of Death:
Ulcerative colitis, peritonitis and gunshot wounds
Cemetery Name:
Bohemian National Cemetery
Claim to Fame:
Historical Figure
Anton Cermak was the 44th mayor of Chicago who was shot while shaking hands with President-elect Franklin D. Roosevelt in Miami, Florida after a day of fishing on February 15, 1933. Cermak was shot in the lung and wounded during Giuseppe Zangara's assassination attempt on President-elect Franklin D. Roosevelt. One of the last things he said was "I'm glad it was me, instead of you".

Fun Fact

It should be noted that Anton Cermak was healing just fine from his gunshot wounds. Unfortunately he passed away, according from his doctors, from ulcerative colitis and peritonitis. Many believe that his death was a serious case of medical malpractice.

Cemetery Information:

Final Resting Place:

Bohemian National Cemetery

5255 N Pulaski Road

Chicago, Illinois, 60630


North America


Grave Location:

Section 21

Grave Location Description

The Anton Cermak Family Mausoleum is located in Section 21 at the intersection of sections 14, 15 and 20.

Grave Location GPS

41.980306, -87.723600



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