Blind Lemon Jefferson

Birth Name:
Lemon Henry Jefferson
Birth Date:
September 24, 1893
Birth Place:
Coutcham, Texas
Death Date:
December 19, 1929
Place of Death:
Chicago, Illinois
Cause of Death:
Acute myocarditis (disputed)
Cemetery Name:
Blind Lemon Jefferson Memorial Cemetery (the former Wortham Black Cemetery)
Claim to Fame:
Neglected and ignored until recently by his own home state, Blind Lemon Jefferson is nonetheless revered internationally as a seminal figure in the history of the blues with 89 classic blues songs recorded in just 4 years time.

Cemetery Information:

Final Resting Place:

Blind Lemon Jefferson Memorial Cemetery (the former Wortham Black Cemetery)

North 3rd Street

Wortham, Texas, 76693


North America

Grave Location Description

As you pull your car into the formal entrance of the cemetery, immediately turn around, turn left back onto the highway and turn left the “other” entrance to the cemetery (this is known locally as the “colored cemetery”). Open the gate and drive ahead about 200 feet. His large marble marker is located in back along the fence.

Grave Location GPS

31.797677, -96.463379

Visiting The Grave:



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Bobby Fuller

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age: 23

cause_of_death: Homicide by inhalation of gasoline (disputed)

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Jim Morrison

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age: 27

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claim_to_fame: Music

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