Charles Stuart

Birth Name:
Charles Stuart
Birth Date:
December 18, 1959
Birth Place:
Boston, Massachusetts
Death Date:
January 4, 1990
Place of Death:
Mystic River, Boston, Massachusetts
Cause of Death:
Suicide by drowning
Cemetery Name:
Woodlawn Cemetery
Claim to Fame:
Crime and their Victims
“My wife’s been shot! I’ve been shot!” screamed Charles "Chuck" Stuart into his cell phone as he drove through the Mission Hill area of Boston. Paramedics responding to the call for help found that both Charles and his wife had been shot. Chuck initially pinned the blame on a robbery by a black male, however his story began to unravel and authorities soon realized that he shot his wife in the head and then shot himself in the stomach. Facing two counts of 1st degree murder, Charles Stuart drove to the Tobin Bridge over the Mystic River, and jumped to his death.

The rest of the story …

Turns out that Chuck’s brother, Matthew Stuart, helped his brother make the murder look like a robbery by taking a bag of jewelry that Chuck stripped off his dying wife and the gun used in the murder and handed everything over to Matthew. Even worse, there is evidence that the entire Stuart Family (excluding the mother and father) knew what had happened that fateful night and did nothing.

When Chuck jumped from the Tobin Bridge, it was only then did the parents of the two families realize the true nature of the murder of Carol DiMaiti. To this day neither family has spoken to the other.

Unable to find work Matthew Stuart died of an overdose of ethanol and cocaine in the bathroom of Heading Home shelter on School Street in Cambridge several years after his release from prison for his role in the murder.

And why did Charles Stuart kill his wife? Two weeks prior to the murder he took out a $500,000 insurance policy on his wife so he could open a restaurant.

Cemetery Information:

Final Resting Place:

Woodlawn Cemetery

302 Elm Street

Everett, Massachusetts, 02149


North America


Map of Woodlawn Cemetery in Everett, MA
Map of Woodlawn Cemetery in Everett, MA

Grave Location:

Netherwood Section, Plot 1495

Grave Location Description

As you drive into main entrance, stay to the left and take the first left into the Netherwood Section. The wife killer’s grave is located by taking a right and follow the road around to the left and stop at the next left. He is located near the corner between the road and the hedge.

Please note everyone visiting their loved ones know exactly who’s grave you are looking for and they really, really don’t like it. You will receive major stink-eye as you take pictures. Good luck!

Grave Location GPS




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