D. Boon

Birth Name:
Dennes Dale Boon
Birth Date:
April 1, 1958
Birth Place:
San Pedro, California
Death Date:
December 22, 1985
Place of Death:
Interstate I-10 near Tucson, Arizona
Cause of Death:
Broken neck, blunt force trauma (car accident)
Cemetery Name:
Green Hills Memorial Park
Claim to Fame:
D. Boon was a pioneer of the punk scene in the early 1980s in Los Angeles, California. As singer, songwriter, guitarist and vocalist for the punk rock trio the Minutemen, D. Boon mixed funk, punk, metal, country and a healthy dose of rage that influenced the likes of Nirvana for generations. Like peers Black Flag, Husker Du and the Meat Puppets, the Minutemen built a solid cult following throughout the U.S. the old-fashioned way - by living in a van on the road for six years. Tragically the end came suddenly when after a concert D. Boon was killed in a tragic auto accident at the young age of 27.

The Rest of the Story …

Just to put the rumors to rest, D. Boon did not die in an auto accident where the driver fell asleep. The accident was caused by the left rear wheel axle of the van breaking off causing the van to roll almost two full turns when D. Boon, asleep in the back, was thrown out of the van and suffered a broken neck. Neither drugs or alcohol were involved in the tragedy – it was just a unfortunate common failure of Dodge vans at the time.

Cemetery Information:

Final Resting Place:

Green Hills Memorial Park

27501 S Western Avenue

Rancho Palos Verdes, California, 90275


North America


Grave Location:

Section Lake View Lawn, Plot 365, Grave B

Grave Location Description

As you drive through the entrance of the cemetery, turn right and then turn left and drive past the Garden of Reflection on your left. Turn left at the next intersection and then turn right onto Lake View Road. Drive about half-way the length of the road and park. D. Boon’s grave is on your right, five rows from the road.



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Ritchie Valens

popular name: Ritchie Valens

date_of_death: February 3, 1959

age: 17

cause_of_death: Gross trauma to brain due to crash of airplane, multiple fractures, left forearm and both legs

claim_to_fame: Music

best_know_for: Richie Valens was a singer, songwriter, and guitarist and a true rock and roll pioneer who died at the young age of 17 in the infamous Buddy Holly plane crash. Ritchie played is final concert at the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa with Buddy Holly and J.P. "the Big Bopper" Richardson. Holly, Valens and Richardson left The Surf immediately after the show, going to the nearby Mason City airport and chartering a small plane with pilot Roger Peterson to take them to Fargo, North Dakota to prepare for their next show at the Moorhead Armory in Moorhead, Minnesota. The plane took off at 12:55 AM Central Time on Tuesday February 3, 1959. Shortly after takeoff, the plane crashed, killing everyone aboard.

Lisa "Lefteye" Lopes

popular name: Lisa "Lefteye" Lopes

date_of_death: April 25, 2002

age: 30

cause_of_death: Fracture of the base of the cranium and open cerebral trauma due to an automobile accident

claim_to_fame: Music

best_know_for: For many, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes simply was TLC who jacked the pop charts with a blend of soul and rap that preached safe sex and self-reliance. Two years after their first album was released, TLC went on to garner international fame with their second album CrazySexyCool selling over 4 million albums. On April 25th, just weeks before her 31st birthday, the outspoken Lopes died in a car wreck while on a spiritual retreat at a “healing village” in Honduras.


popular name: Aaliyah

date_of_death: August 25, 2001

age: 22

cause_of_death: Blunt force trauma (airplane crash)

claim_to_fame: Music

best_know_for: In her heyday, it seemed like the Grammy-nominated singer was destined for a long career, having made the leap from music to modeling and acting. But sadly that career ended suddenly when she died in a tragically, yet totally preventable, plane crash in the Bahamas in 2001.

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