Dennis Brown

Crown Prince of Reggae
Birth Name:
Dennis Emmanuel Brown
Birth Date:
February 1, 1957
Birth Place:
Jubilee Hospital, Kingston, Jamaica
Death Date:
July 1, 1999
Place of Death:
University Hospital, Kingston, Jamaica
Cause of Death:
Collapsed lung
Cemetery Name:
National Heroes Park
Claim to Fame:
If Bob Marley was the King of Reggae, then Dennis Brown certainly earned his title of Crown Prince of Reggae. Brown's musical career began at age nine and he is credited with over 70 albums and touring relentlessly throughout the world up until his early demise. Blessed with a melodic vocal quality with a roots-conscious message to his lyrics. Brown scored his first hit in 1969 with "No Man is an Island". He spent much of the 1970s moving between studios and recording a series of now-classic albums before he had an international hit with "Money in My Pocket". After the death of Bob Marley, Brown was signed by A&M Records in an attempt to corner the international crossover market. He recorded with K.C. and the Sunshine Band in an effort to expand his American audience. Both efforts failed completely. He continued with his pop hits set to a reggae beat for much of the 1980s during which time he also became a fixture at the Reggae Sunsplash Festival in Jamaica. After an extensive tour of Brazil with close friend and peer Gregory Issacs, Brown fell ill and checked into the hospital where he rapidly declined and died suddenly at the age of 42.

Cemetery Information:

Final Resting Place:

National Heroes Park

National Heroes Circle

Kingston, , X6M6+4GP


North America

Grave Location:

National Heroes Circle

Grave Location Description

As you enter the cemetery in the center of Kingston, Jamaica you will need a guide to take you past the guards towards the back of the cemetery. His simple monument is easy to find as this cemetery only holds about 15 individuals.

Grave Location GPS

17.981466263316225, -76.7876398742755



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