Charlie Rich

the Silver Fox
Birth Name:
Charles Allan Rich
Birth Date:
December 14, 1932
Birth Place:
Colt, Arkansas
Death Date:
July 25, 1995
Place of Death:
Room 202, former Holiday Inn on US 51 Bypass at I-12, Hammond, Louisiana
Cause of Death:
Pulmonary embolism (blood clot in the lungs)
Cemetery Name:
Memorial Park Cemetery
Claim to Fame:
Charlie Rich was a country singer, songwriter and alcoholic whose career peaked in the 1970s.

Fun Fact

What kind of man was Charlie Rich? Well if you ask Dolly Parton, she said she remembers Charlie Rich being rude and arrogant and recounts a story at a CMA Awards event…

Dolly said she was to present the “Male Country Artist of The Year” and read that the award goes to Charlie Pride. She said she kissed Mr. Pride of the cheek, and after the show, Charlie Rich came over to her and said, “How could a beautiful woman like you kiss a n****r on national TV?”

Any questions?

Cemetery Information:

Final Resting Place:

Memorial Park Cemetery

5668 Poplar Avenue

Memphis, Tennessee, 38119


North America


Grave Location:

Fairlawn Section, Lot 810, Grave 12

Grave Location Description

Charlie Rich’s grave in in the center of the Fairlawn Section in the very back of the cemetery.

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