Dimebag Darrell

Birth Name:
Darrell Lance Abbott
Birth Date:
August 20, 1966
Birth Place:
Ennis, Texas
Death Date:
December 8, 2004
Place of Death:
Alrosa Villa Nightclub, Columbus, Ohio
Cause of Death:
Multiple gunshot wounds to the head
Cemetery Name:
Moore Memorial Gardens Cemetery
Claim to Fame:
As the cofounder with his brother Vinnie of Pantera and Damageplan, Dimebag Darrell was not only one of the most influential heavy metal guitarist but considered one of the greatest guitarist of modern times. Sadly his fame extended to his brutal death while performing onstage at the Alrosa Villa Nightclub in Columbus, Ohio.

Cemetery Information:

Final Resting Place:

Moore Memorial Gardens Cemetery

1219 N Davis Dr.

Arlington, Texas, 96102


North America

Grave Location:

Lakeside Estates, Abbott Family Plot

Grave Location Description

About 100 feet from the road down a paved pathway

Grave Location GPS

32.7539244, -97.1204726

Visiting The Grave:



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