Johnny Ace

Birth Name:
John Marshall Alexander Jr.
Birth Date:
June 9, 1929
Birth Place:
Memphis, Tennessee
Death Date:
December 25, 1954
Place of Death:
City Auditorium, Houston, Texas
Cause of Death:
Accidental gunshot to the head
Cemetery Name:
New Park Cemetery
Claim to Fame:
A popular R&B singer with a string of eight hits in a row including "Cross My Heart" and "Please Forgive Me", he blew his brains out on Christmas Day between sets after telling everyone ‘It’s okay! Gun’s not loaded… see?’ Interestingly enough, "Pledging My Love" was a posthumous R&B number 1 hit for 10 weeks beginning February 12, 1955, thus Johnny Ace became the first artist to reach the Billboard pop charts only after death.

Fun Fact:

Repeat after me …

Mama Cass did not die eating a ham sandwich.

Kurt Cobain was not murdered by Courtney Love.

Johnny Ace did not die playing Russian Roulette.


Cemetery Information:

Final Resting Place:

New Park Cemetery

4536 Horn Lake Road

Memphis, Tennessee, 38119


North America


Map of New Park Cemetery in Memphis Tennessee

Grave Location:

Section C

Grave Location Description

From the entrance of the cemetery go straight down the road, cross the ditch at the bottom, and continue back up the hill and park at the large tree on the left. Johnny Ace’s upright monument can be seen in Section C, two rows from the road just below the large tree.

Grave Location GPS

35.0276667, -90.0676500

Visiting The Grave:



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