Don Adams

Birth Name:
Donald James Yarmy
Birth Date:
April 13, 1923
Birth Place:
New York, New York
Death Date:
September 25, 2005
Place of Death:
 Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, California
Cause of Death:
Cemetery Name:
Hollywood Forever Cemetery
Claim to Fame:
Show Business
Hollywood actor and director whose standup comedy led to his role as secret agent Maxwell Smart in the television series Get Smart. Adams won three Emmy Awards for his portrayal of Agent 86, Maxwell Smart, a character created by Mel Brooks and Buck Henry. When they stopped writing for the program, Adams contributed scripts and directed episodes. The show ran from 1965 to 1970, first on NBC and on CBS the final year. Smart's partner at the fictional U.S. intelligence agency named CONTROL was the sexy, straight-laced Agent 99, played by Barbara Feldon. Together, they irritated their boss, "the Chief" (Edward Platt), and fought the agents of nemesis KAOS.

Fun Fact

Don Adams found it hard to escape typecasting and convince people that his off-screen voice was a register below that of Maxwell Smart. He spoke of a wish to do drama, but his efforts never materialized.

Cemetery Information:

Final Resting Place:

Hollywood Forever Cemetery

6000 Santa Monica Blvd.

Los Angeles, California, 90038


North America


Map of Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Hollywood CA
Map of Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Hollywood, California

Grave Location:

Garden of Legends, Lot 57, Grave 20

Grave Location Description

As you drive through the gates take the first hard left and towards the lake. Don is buried on the opposite end from the mausoleum on the road next to Cecil B DeMille.

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Visiting The Grave:



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