Ed Sullivan

Birth Name:
Edward Vincent Sullivan
Birth Date:
September 28, 1901
Birth Place:
Harlem, New York
Death Date:
October 13, 1974
Place of Death:
Lenox Hill Hospital, Manhattan, New York
Cause of Death:
Esophageal cancer
Cemetery Name:
Ferncliff Cemetery
Claim to Fame:
Show Business
Ed Sullivan's ultimate claim to fame was that he hosted the longest running prime time variety show in the history of television. On camera his much imitate persona was that of a was that of a humorless, stone-faced emcee. Yet off camera his life was full of glamour with a great career who truly loved to be recognized on the streets of New York City. Ed loved the New York nightlife, an avid world traveler who lived the life of an eccentric celebrity living in the Delmonico Hotel.

Cemetery Information:

Final Resting Place:

Ferncliff Cemetery

280 Secor Road

Hartsdale, New York, 10530


North America

Grave Location:

Ferncliff Mausoleum, Unit 8, Alcove G, Crypt 122

Grave Location Description

Ed Sullivan is located on the main floor of the mausoleum just two alcoves over from actress Joan Crawford.



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