Franco Zeffirelli

Birth Name:
Gian Franco Corsi Zeffirelli
Birth Date:
February 12, 1923
Birth Place:
Florence, Italy
Death Date:
June 15, 2019
Place of Death:
Rome, Italy
Cause of Death:
Cemetery Name:
Cimitero delle Porte Sante
Claim to Fame:
Show Business
Franco Zeffirelli was not only one of Italy’s most talented directors and designers in the theatrical arts, but was also involved with cinema and television for more than half a century. In any medium, he generally preferred a grand canvas. His work was dominated by adaptations of the classics and lush biographies or histories, told with flamboyance and sentimentality. He had an unerring eye for attractive stars of both sexes such that, whatever their weaknesses, his productions invariably looked good. Born in 1923 in Florence, Franco Zeffirelli rose to success after he was recognized for his amazing work of Romeo and Juliet (1968). This, along with his other acclaimed work, La Traviata (1983), secured him his first two Academy Award nominations. He is also known for The Taming of the Shrew (1967), Jesus of Nazareth (1977), and Tea with Mussolini (1999). Along with being an accomplished film director, he was also known for his opera productions. His production of Tosca (1964), with Maria Callas and Tito Gobbi, and Lucia di Lammermoor (1957) became prominently known around the world.

Cemetery Information:

Final Resting Place:

Cimitero delle Porte Sante

34 Via delle Porte Sante

Florence, , 50125




Map of Cimitero Delle Porte Sante in Florence, Italy.
Map of Cimitero Delle Porte Sante in Florence, Italy

Grave Location:

Piazzale Fontana, Zeffirelli Family Crypt

Grave Location Description

Enter the cemetery at 34 Via delle Porte Sante and take the stairs to the top to the entrance of the church. At the top of the stairs take a left and another left and walk down to the large brick and marble crypts that line the border of the cemetery. The Zeffirelli Family Crypt can be found in the corner of the Piazzale Fontana section.

Grave Location GPS

43.759916, 11.264673



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