John Nardi

Birth Name:
Giovanni Narcchione
Birth Date:
January 21, 1916
Birth Place:
Cleveland, Ohio
Death Date:
May 17, 1977
Place of Death:
Outside of Teamsters Joint Council Local 41, East 22nd Street, Cleveland, Ohio
Cause of Death:
Car bombing from a mob hit
Cemetery Name:
Knollwood Cemetery
Claim to Fame:
Crime and their Victims
A high level member of the Cleveland crime family who was involved in labor racketeering, drug trafficking and extortion in Cleveland, Ohio. Upon the death of mob boss John Scalish, the Five Families' decision to appoint James Licavoli as boss of the family and the latter's attempts to confiscate Nardi's rackets leads the Nardi crew to fully align themselves with Danny Greene. After two unsuccessful attempts on his life, Fat Tony Salerno hired hit man Ray Ferritto who killed Nardi with a bomb planted in his car.

Cemetery Information:

Final Resting Place:

Knollwood Cemetery

1678 SOM Center Road

Mayfield Heights, Ohio, 44124


North America


Cemetery map of the mausoleum at Knollwood Cemetery in Cleveland, Ohio.

Grave Location:

Mausoleum, North Wing, Chapel Floor, Crypt 964

Grave Location Description

From the main entrance, take the second hallway on the right and walk towards the end and look to your right at eye level.

Grave Location GPS

41.51454497, -81.44415161

Visiting The Grave:



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Dr. Sam Sheppard

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date_of_death: April 6, 1970

age: 46

cause_of_death: Wernicke's encephalopathy and liver failure

claim_to_fame: Crime and their Victims

best_know_for: Dr. Sam Sheppard was an attractive and well-liked doctor who tended to hundreds of patients throughout his career at Bay View Hospital in Ohio. In the early morning hours of July 4, 1954 the nightmare began for the Sheppard family when Sam's wife, Marilyn, was discovered brutally murdered. Mrs. Sheppard was found lying on her bed in their master bedroom in a provocative manner. She had been “chopped 25 times in the head and chest.” There was never any hard evidence found that directly tied Dr. Sam Sheppard to the death of his wife, Marilyn. Nonetheless he was found guilty of second degree murder at his first trial. After over a decade in prison the murder conviction was overturned on June 6, 1966 due to a lack of evidence. Dr. Sam Sheppard was a free man from that time until he passed away in 1970. His experience inspired the hit TV show and movie The Fugitive.

Frank Dolezal

popular name: Frank Dolezal

date_of_death: August 24, 1939

age: 51

cause_of_death: Hanging; murdered by police while in custody

claim_to_fame: Crime and their Victims

best_know_for: A Cleveland, Ohio resident who was suspected and awaiting trial as the Cleveland Torso Serial Killer when he was murdered in prison. His name was cleared almost 70 years after his death.

Angelo Lonardo

popular name: Angelo Lonardo

date_of_death: March 31, 2006

age: 95

cause_of_death: Natural causes

claim_to_fame: Crime and their Victims

best_know_for: Big Ange, the son of Prohibition mob boss Joseph Lonardo, took control of the Cleveland crime family in 1962. He led the family until 1984 when he was convicted of running a drug ring and was sentenced to life in prison. He then became an informant, making him the highest-ranking Mafia snitch up to that time.

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