Angelo Lonardo

Big Ange
Birth Name:
Angelo Anthony Lonardo
Birth Date:
December 31, 1969
Birth Place:
Cleveland, Ohio
Death Date:
March 31, 2006
Place of Death:
3550 Northfield Road, Shaker Heights, Ohio
Cause of Death:
Natural causes
Cemetery Name:
Calvary Cemetery
Claim to Fame:
Crime and their Victims
Big Ange, the son of Prohibition mob boss Joseph Lonardo, took control of the Cleveland crime family in 1962. He led the family until 1984 when he was convicted of running a drug ring and was sentenced to life in prison. He then became an informant, making him the highest-ranking Mafia snitch up to that time.

The killing of Salvatore “Black Sam” Todaro was the first mob hit for the young Angelo Lonardo. In the aftermath of the killing Concetta Lonardo was charged with first degree murder in Todaro’s death, but acquitted in November 1929.

Angelo Lonardo and Dominic Sospirato fled Cleveland. They later returned, were convicted of second degree murder in Todaro’s death, and sentenced to life in prison. They won a retrial and the charges were dropped on November 25, 1931, for lack of witnesses.

Frank Lonardo was murdered in the card room of the Chester-18th Barber Shop at 1735 Chester Avenue on October 20, 1929, in retaliation for Todaro’s death. Frank Alessi, Todaro’s brother-in-law, helped the assassins identify their target.

Joseph Porrello became the undisputed boss of the Cleveland crime family after Sam Todaro’s death.

Cemetery Information:

Final Resting Place:

Calvary Cemetery

10000 Miles Road

Cleveland, Ohio, 44105


North America


Grave Location:

Section 47, Lot 234, Grave 1

Grave Location Description

As you enter the cemetery make your way forward until you come to the short tunnel under the bridge. Make a sharp left and drive back up the hill to Section 47. The large Lonardo monument is very visible about 100 feet from the road. Big Ange’s grave is unmarked but is located to the right of Frank and Monica Lonardo behind the monument on the right side.

Grave Location GPS

41.4422708, -81.61105849

Visiting The Grave:



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