Leo Fender

Birth Name:
Clarence Leonidas Fender
Birth Date:
August 10, 1909
Birth Place:
Anaheim, California
Death Date:
March 21, 1991
Place of Death:
2212 Revere Avenue, Fullerton, California
Cause of Death:
Cumulative affects of Parkinson's disease
Cemetery Name:
Fairhaven Memorial Park
Claim to Fame:
Keith Richard's once said "thank God for Leo Fender". For it was Leo Fender, with $600 in his pocket, started the Fender Radio Service company during World War II which eventually led to a lifetime obsession with creating and building the best guitars and amplifiers the world over. His guitars and electronics continue to this day with Bob Dylan, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Keith Richards, Eric Clapton and thousands of other recording artists.

Cemetery Information:

Final Resting Place:

Fairhaven Memorial Park

1702 Fairhaven Avenue

Santa Ana, California, 92705


North America


Grave Location:

Lawn Section J

Grave Location Description

Leo Fender’s flat, modest monument can be found 11 rows up and 18 space south from the northeast corner of Lawn Section J.

Grave Location GPS

33.770114, -117.840817

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