Paul Pender

Birth Name:
Paul Pender
Birth Date:
June 20, 1930
Birth Place:
Brookline, Massachusetts
Death Date:
January 12, 2003
Place of Death:
Veterans Administration Hospital, Bedford, Massachusetts
Cause of Death:
Alzheimer's disease
Cemetery Name:
Holyhood Cemetery
Claim to Fame:
Paul Pender was an American boxer and firefighter from Massachusetts who held the World Middleweight Championship. In 1959, the National Boxing Association withdrew its recognition of Sugar Ray Robinson as middleweight champion. Gene Fullmer and Carmen Basilio fought for the vacant NBA title, and Fullmer won. Pender beat Robinson, one of the greatest fighters of all time, for the disputed middleweight championship title. He won by split decision in 15 rounds. Pender fought Robinson once again to defend his title and went on to beat him by split decision.

Cemetery Information:

Final Resting Place:

Holyhood Cemetery

584 Heath Street

Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, 02467


North America


Map of Holyhood Cemetery in Brookline, Massachusetts

Grave Location:

Field of St. Lawrence, Lot 7625, Grave 3

Grave Location Description

Paul Pender is buried in Brookline, Massachusetts at Holyhood Cemetery at the left end of the Field of St. Lawrence bordering alongside the Field of St. Paul section – about four spaces inward. He is also about 300 feet from the historic Kennedy Family gravesite.

Grave Location GPS

42.31900009, -71.16984908

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