Sam Phillips

Birth Name:
Samuel Cornelius Phillips
Birth Date:
January 5, 1923
Birth Place:
Florence, Alabama
Death Date:
July 30, 2003
Place of Death:
St. Francis Hospital, Memphis, Tennessee
Cause of Death:
Respiratory failure
Cemetery Name:
Memorial Park Cemetery
Claim to Fame:
Sam Phillips was one of the true musical pioneers of the 20th century. A man who redefined the cultural landscape by producing and engineering local talent in his modest studio and distributing the results on his own Sun Records label. And while he may have only had moderate results with such discoveries as Johnny Cash, Howlin' Wolf, BB King and Roy Orbison, he became a legend recording and producing Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and, of course, Elvis Presley. In the end, Sam was one of the main people responsible for breaking down the barriers between white and black music, melding country with blues, and creating the genre that we now refer to as rock & roll.

Cemetery Information:

Final Resting Place:

Memorial Park Cemetery

5668 Poplar Avenue

Memphis, Tennessee, 38119


North America


Grave Location:

Mausoleum, Garden of Trees, Tier C , Crypt 29

Grave Location GPS

35.106906, -89.873149

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