Timothy O'Bryan

Birth Name:
Timothy O'Bryan
Birth Date:
April 5, 1966
Birth Place:
Houston, Texas
Death Date:
October 31, 1974
Place of Death:
Houston, Texas
Cause of Death:
Cyanide poisoning
Cemetery Name:
Forest Park Lawndale Cemetery
Claim to Fame:
Crime and their Victims
poisoned by own father

Cemetery Information:

Final Resting Place:

Forest Park Lawndale Cemetery

6900 Lawndale

Houston, Texas, 77023


North America

Grave Location:

Section 28, Temple Gardens

Grave Location GPS

29.71296, -95.30671


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Bobby Franks

popular name: Bobby Franks

date_of_death: May 21, 1924

age: 14

cause_of_death: Homicide - beaten and asphyxiated

claim_to_fame: Crime and their Victims

best_know_for: Bobby Franks was the son of the very wealthy Chicago real estate speculator and developer Jacob Franks. On May 22, 1924, the body of 14-year-old Robert "Bobby" Franks was found murdered on Chicago’s South Side. The murder would launch the infamous Leopold and Loeb trial. The criminal trial that followed — “the trial of the century” — would go on to captivate the nation and catapult defense attorney Clarence Darrow to fame.

Rudy Marfeo

popular name: Rudy Marfeo

date_of_death: April 20, 1968

age: 42

cause_of_death: Gunshot wounds from mob hit

claim_to_fame: Crime and their Victims

best_know_for: In 1968 local bookmaker Rudolph “Rudy” Marfeo had recently defied New England mob boss Raymond Patriarca by refusing to pay his "tribute money" and publicly disrespecting Ray Patriarca. This was not wise considering Patriarca had Rudy’s brother Willie whacked in a Federal Hill restaurant just two years earlier for doing the exact same thing. Patriarca wanted Marfeo, “straightened out,” as soon as possible and ordered the hit on Rudy. On April 20, 1968 Rudy and his bodyguard Anthony Melei were observed shopping at Pannone’s Market on 282 Pocasset Avenue in Providence. Rudolph Marfeo, the bookie, fell near the front door, a drawn .38 in his hand, his left side blown apart. Anthony Melei, the bodyguard, died next to the ice cream freezer, his face shot away by Double OO buckshot. The shopkeeper and his wife dived behind the deli counter as the killers retreated. What makes these murders so important in the history of the New England Cosa Nostra is that subsequent charges and guilty verdicts against Ray Patriarca and his associates signaled the downward spiral of the Patriarca crime family and to their New England operations.

Donald McGonagle

popular name: Donald McGonagle

date_of_death: November 18, 1969

age: 32

cause_of_death: Homicide - gunshot wounds

claim_to_fame: Crime and their Victims

best_know_for: Donnie McGonagle was a member of the South Boston McGonagle Family, but not a member of the Mullen Gang run by his twin brother Paulie McGonagle. He had the misfortune of looking so much like his brother when Winter Hill member Whitey Bulger killed Donnie in broad daylight in front of Paulie's house. Years later Bulger also killed Paulie as he consolidated his power and took over the gangs that ran South Boston.

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