Toto the Dog

Toto, Rex
Birth Name:
Birth Date:
November 17, 1933
Birth Place:
Chicago, Illinois
Death Date:
September 1, 1945
Place of Death:
Hollywood, California
Cause of Death:
Natural Causes
Cemetery Name:
Hollywood Forever Cemetery
Claim to Fame:
Famous Animals
Terry was a two-year-old female Cairn who played the iconic animal in the Wizard of Oz film, which was based on Frank L. Baum’s classic book The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. In addition to appearing as Toto in the film The Wizard of Oz along side Judy Garland, Terry also appeared as Rags in the feature film Bright Eyes (1934) with Shirley Temple and 13 other feature films.

Fun Fact

For her work with Judy, Terry received $125, which is equivalent to $2,294 in today’s dollars. This was more than the wages of many actors in the film, and many workers during the Great Depression. (The Munchkins, for example, received $100 a week, or an equivalent $1,835. In contrast, Judy Garland received $500 a week, or $27,532 for today.) A Winkle guard stepped on her foot and broke it during filming. The production company used a second dog for filming while she healed.

Terry attended the 1939 premiere of the film at Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood.

Cemetery Information:

Final Resting Place:

Hollywood Forever Cemetery

6000 Santa Monica Blvd.

Los Angeles, California, 90038


North America


Map of Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles, California
Map of Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles, California

Grave Location:

West side of Hollywood Cathedral Mausoleum

Grave Location Description

Enter the front gates of cemetery, and make the very first left onto Lakeview Avenue. Continue on this road as it curves around the lake on the right. You will then see the Hollywood Cathedral Mausoleum on the left. Toto’s memorial is just past the mausoleum on it’s west side. You can drive your car right up to the memorial since it is located right next to the street. It’s located in the eastern portion of the cemetery right next to Mickey Rooney’s crypt.

Please note that this memorial is a cenotaph as Toto’s grave was paved over to make room for a new freeway in Los Angeles.

Grave Location GPS

34.088464, -118.316894

Visiting The Grave:



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