Vincent Flemmi

Jimmy the Bear
Birth Name:
Vincent James Flemmi
Birth Date:
September 5, 1935
Birth Place:
Boston, Massachusetts
Death Date:
October 16, 1979
Place of Death:
Massachusetts Correctional Institution at Norfolk, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Cause of Death:
Drug overdose - heroin
Cemetery Name:
Milton Cemetery
Claim to Fame:
Crime and their Victims
There's only one Boston mob hitman and psychopath more vicious that Stephen "The Rifleman" Flemmi (long time associate of Whitey Bulger) and that was his brother Vincent "Jimmy the Bear" Flemmi. Suspected or convicted of dozens of murders throughout the greater Boston area, Vincent, along with mob associates Joe "The Animal" Barboza and Johnny “The Butcher” Martorano (whom has over 50 confirmed kills under his belt), was a free-lance hitman, bank robber and muscle for the Winter Hill Gang and the Patriarca crime family. He was also a long-time rat and informant for the FBI and helped pin the murder of Edward "Teddy" Deegan on four rival members of the Patriarca family when, in fact, it was Barboza and Flemmi who murdered Deegan. Shortly after the murder of Deegan he told another associate, "all I want to do now is kill people ... it's better than hitting (robbing) banks." In 1975, while serving an 8-to-18-year sentence for assault with intent to commit murder, Flemmi received one of the state's first weekend furloughs from prison. Vincent had immediately fled, and was not apprehended until three years later in Maryland, Maine. A year later Vincent died of a drug overdose in his prison cell.

Fun Fact

According to South Boston mob boss Kevin Weeks:

When Stevie’s brother Jimmy the Bear died of a heroin overdose while serving a life sentence at MCI Norfolk for the murder of Francis Benjamin, Jimmy (Flemmi) and I went to the wake. While we were viewing his brother lying in the casket, Stevie was standing there with his mother and father and Michael. Mary went over to Jimmy and said, crying, “Vincent was such a good boy. He never hurt anyone.” Stevie looked at her and said, “Stop, Ma. He killed everybody.”

Cemetery Information:

Final Resting Place:

Milton Cemetery

211 Centre Street

Milton, Massachusetts, 02186


North America


Map of Milton Cemetery in Milton, Massachusetts
Map of Milton Cemetery in Milton, Massachusetts

Grave Location:

Flemmi Family Plot, Plot 4112

Grave Location Description

From the corner of Brook Avenue and Locust Avenue, walk down Locust Avenue 8 spaces and on the road at 4112 you will find the Flemmi Family Plot.

Grave Location GPS

42.2545873, -71.06257246



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