Yank Rachell

Elder Statesman of the Blues
Birth Name:
James A. Rachell
Birth Date:
March 16, 1903
Birth Place:
Brownsville, Tennessee
Death Date:
April 9, 1997
Place of Death:
Indianapolis, Indiana
Cause of Death:
Natural causes
Cemetery Name:
New Crown Cemetery
Claim to Fame:
One of a few pre-war blues artist to continue performing into the 1990s, Yank Rachell was the primary exponent of the blues mandolin

Fun Fact:

In one of his most famous stories, Rachell remembers back when he was a “mannish boy” walking down the road, and he heard a neighbor playing a “tater-bug” (round-back) mandolin. Yank had never seen one and had to ask what it was, but he wanted it so badly he traded a pig for it. His mother was not pleased, and told him when he got hungry he could eat the mandolin.

Cemetery Information:

Final Resting Place:

New Crown Cemetery

2101 Churchman Ave

Indianapolis, Indiana, 46203


North America

Grave Location:

Section 42, Row 8, Grave 28

Grave Location Description

His well appointed monument is in Section 42 in the 8th row, 23 spaces from the corner

Grave Location GPS

39.740617, -86.114583



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