Charlotte Bridgwood

Charlotte Dunn Bridgwood, Lotta Lawrence, Lotta Bridgwood
Birth Name:
Charlotte Dunn
Birth Date:
August 18, 1861
Birth Place:
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Death Date:
August 20, 1929
Place of Death:
Hollywood, California
Cause of Death:
Cemetery Name:
Hollywood Forever Cemetery
Claim to Fame:
The Odd and the Interesting
Charlotte Bridgwood patented the first electrically powered windshield wiper in 1917, improving previous manually-operated wipers such as the one patented by Mary Anderson in 1905. However, her wiper used rollers rather than blades and did not catch on. She was also the mother of silent screen star Florence Lawrence (a.k.a The Biograph Girl) who followed her mother in inventing automotive accessories.

Fun Fact

In October 1917, Charlotte received a patent for the first automatic windshield cleaner.

Cemetery Information:

Final Resting Place:

Hollywood Forever Cemetery

6000 Santa Monica Blvd.

Los Angeles, California, 90038


North America


Grave Location:

Chapel Columbarium, 2nd floor, UWW, Tier 3, Niche 2

Grave Location Description

From the main entrance take the first right and the Chapel Columbarium will be on your right. Enter the main chapel. Charlotte Bridgwood’s grave is at the top of the stairs, the second niche on the left at the stairwell.

Grave Location GPS

34.0902533455, -118.3208711428

Visiting The Grave:



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