Jerry Nolan

Birth Name:
Gerard Nolan
Birth Date:
May 7, 1946
Birth Place:
New York, New York
Death Date:
January 14, 1992
Place of Death:
St. Vincent's Hospital, New York, New York
Cause of Death:
Bacterial meningitis, bacterial pneumonia and a stroke
Cemetery Name:
Mount St. Mary's Cemetery
Claim to Fame:
One cannot talk about the origins of punk rock without mentioning the New York Dolls lead guitarist Johnny Thunders and Jerry Nolan on drums. This underrated American glam band played an important role in influencing bands as diverse as the Sex Pistols to Motley Crue. Unfortunately the Dolls were never able to translate the energy of their live shows into their records, thus fame and fortune were elusive.

Fun Fact

Jerry Nolan dated Bette Midler. No … really.

And although nobody wants to talk about it, Jerry Nolan’s prolonged and intense use of drugs coupled with his diagnoses of bacterial meningitis and bacterial pneumonia were most likely caused by the AIDS virus.

Cemetery Information:

Final Resting Place:

Mount St. Mary's Cemetery

172-00 Booth Memorial Avenue

Flushing, New York, 11365


North America


Map of Mount St. Mary's Cemetery in Flushing, New York
Map of Mount St. Mary's Cemetery in Flushing, New York

Grave Location:

Division 24, Row A, Grave 89

Grave Location Description

Jerry Nolan is buried in the second section on the left as you enter the cemetery through the main gate. He is four spaces from the fence in the center of Division 24. Johnny Thunders, bandmate and good friend of Jerry’s is buried nearby in Division 9.

Grave Location GPS

40.7404459337, -73.79746368242



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