Jesse Belvin

The Black Elvis
Birth Name:
Jesse Lorenzo Belvin
Birth Date:
December 15, 1932
Birth Place:
San Antonio, Texas
Death Date:
February 6, 1960
Place of Death:
Hope, Arkansas
Cause of Death:
Automobile accident
Cemetery Name:
Evergreen Cemetery
Claim to Fame:
As author of the best known do-wop hit “Earth Angel” and “Good Night My Love,” Jesse Belvin was one of the premier voices of the West Coast black vocal music before his life (and that of his driver and wife) was cut short in a highly suspicious auto “accident”.

Cemetery Information:

Final Resting Place:

Evergreen Cemetery

204 N Evergreen Avenue

Los Angeles, California, 90033


North America


Grave Location:

Section G, Lot 41, Grave 1

Grave Location Description

From the entrance on Evergreen Avenue, take the right road and drive a little ways to the first curve towards the left. Park and walk to the left into Section G and Belvin’s simple flat marker is a couple of rows from the road.

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Johnny Ace

popular name: Johnny Ace

date_of_death: December 25, 1954

age: 25

cause_of_death: Accidental gunshot to the head

claim_to_fame: Music

best_know_for: A popular R&B singer with a string of eight hits in a row including "Cross My Heart" and "Please Forgive Me", he blew his brains out on Christmas Day between sets after telling everyone ‘It’s okay! Gun’s not loaded… see?’ Interestingly enough, "Pledging My Love" was a posthumous R&B number 1 hit for 10 weeks beginning February 12, 1955, thus Johnny Ace became the first artist to reach the Billboard pop charts only after death.

J.B. Lenoir

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age: 38

cause_of_death: Internal bleeding (untreated) after an auto accident

claim_to_fame: Music

best_know_for: Monticello area native J. B. Lenoir was a distinctive blues artist, in both his high-pitched singing style and the candid political critiques in many of his song lyrics and is best remembered for his 1955 hit “Mama, Talk to Your Daughter". He died on April 29, 1967, in Urbana, Illinois, at the age 38, of internal bleeding related to injuries he had suffered in a car crash three weeks earlier. The 2003 documentary film The Soul of a Man, directed by Wim Wenders as the second installment of Martin Scorsese's series The Blues, explored Lenoir's career, together with those of Skip James and Blind Willie Johnson. In 2011, Lenoir was inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame.

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