Paul McGonagle

Birth Name:
Paul McGonagle Sr.
Birth Date:
January 21, 1939
Birth Place:
Quincy, Massachusetts
Death Date:
November 30, 1974
Place of Death:
Boston, Massachusetts
Cause of Death:
Homicide - gunshot wounds
Claim to Fame:
Crime and their Victims
Paulie McGonagle was a Boston mobster and head of the Mullen Gang, a South Boston street gang involved in burglary, auto theft, and armed robbery. During the war against Donald Killeen and his brothers, McGonagle successfully led the Mullens in a string of shootings which finally ended with Killeen's murder in 1972. After a truce was arranged with Whitey Bulger and the remnants of the Killeen organization, McGonagle remained angry about Bulger's accidental murder of his fraternal twin brother, Donald McGonagle. Bulgar killed Paulie and consolidated and took command of the Mullen, Killeen and Winter Hill gangs.

Cemetery Information:

Final Resting Place:

, ,

North America

Grave Location:

Evidence Warehouse - Boston Police Department

Grave Location Description

Sometime in November of 1974, Whitey Bulgar lured Paul McGonagle into the backseat of his car to trade counterfeit greenbacks for hard cash. According to Steven Flemmi, Bulgar’s partner, Whitney pulled out a gun and shot Paul twice in the head. They drove his corpse down to the beach and two associates including dear friend of Paul’s, Pat Nee, buried the dead mobster while Bulgar kept vigil.

Paul McGonagle’s remains were found 26 years later buried in a shallow grave at Tenean Beach in Dorchester (Boston) in September 2020 even though the FBI knew the whole time where the body was buried. Only his boots and small bone fragments were recovered.



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