Robert McGonagle

Birth Name:
Robert A. McGonagle
Birth Date:
February 14, 1948
Birth Place:
Boston, Massachusetts
Death Date:
March 10, 1987
Place of Death:
Boston, Massachusetts
Cause of Death:
Drug overdose
Cemetery Name:
New Calvary Cemetery
Claim to Fame:
Crime and their Victims
Robert “Bobby” McGonagle was a Boston fireman and member of the Mullen crime family in South Boston. McGonagle’s family were heavily connected to Boston’s underworld primarily involved in burglary, auto theft, and armed robbery. His brothers, Donald and Paul, who were twins, were killed by Whitey Bulgar during a war between their Mullen gang and Whitey Bulger’s Killeen gang. One was killed in 1969, the other in 1974. Bobby McGonagle himself was also wounded in a gang battle in 1974. To make it even more confusing, Bobby married Catherine Greig who later went underground for 16 years as Whitey Bulger's girlfriend.

Fun Fact:

Mullen gang leader and Bobby’s brother was married to Margaret Greig. Her identical twin sister, Catherine  Greig was married to Bobby. The Greig sisters had a younger brother David Grieg. Paul McGonagle was murdered by Whitey Bulger who had also killed their brother Donald McGonagle a couple years earlier.  Catherine later divorced Bobby before taking up with Winter Hill Gang leader Whitey Bulger. David Grieg allegedly committed suicide (even though the gun was found far away from the body) in Cape Cod a couple of years later.

Trust me – it’s way more complex than this.

Cemetery Information:

Final Resting Place:

New Calvary Cemetery

800 Harvard Street

Mattapan, Massachusetts, 02125


North America


Cemetery map of New Calvary Cemetery in Mattapan, Massachusetts.
Cemetery map of New Calvary Cemetery in Mattapan, Massachusetts.

Grave Location:

Section 8, Grave 1396

Grave Location Description

As you enter off of Harvard Street, drive straight on Apostle Avenue and past the office on your right as the road begins to curve to the right. Park at the intersection of Apostle Avenue and Ascension Avenue. The McGonagle family monument is 20 feet from the corner of Section 8/8A, under a tree.

The confusion occurs when you look at the cemetery map Section 8 is bisected by Apostle Avenue. Bobby is buried in the short Section 8 on the left when you drive in from the entrance.

Grave Location GPS

42.27949404, -71.10102638



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Vincent Flemmi

popular name: Vincent Flemmi

date_of_death: October 16, 1979

age: 44

cause_of_death: Drug overdose - heroin

claim_to_fame: Crime and their Victims

best_know_for: There's only one Boston mob hitman and psychopath more vicious that Stephen "The Rifleman" Flemmi (long time associate of Whitey Bulger) and that was his brother Vincent "Jimmy the Bear" Flemmi. Suspected or convicted of dozens of murders throughout the greater Boston area, Vincent, along with mob associates Joe "The Animal" Barboza and Johnny “The Butcher” Martorano (whom has over 50 confirmed kills under his belt), was a free-lance hitman, bank robber and muscle for the Winter Hill Gang and the Patriarca crime family. He was also a long-time rat and informant for the FBI and helped pin the murder of Edward "Teddy" Deegan on four rival members of the Patriarca family when, in fact, it was Barboza and Flemmi who murdered Deegan. Shortly after the murder of Deegan he told another associate, "all I want to do now is kill people ... it's better than hitting (robbing) banks." In 1975, while serving an 8-to-18-year sentence for assault with intent to commit murder, Flemmi received one of the state's first weekend furloughs from prison. Vincent had immediately fled, and was not apprehended until three years later in Maryland, Maine. A year later Vincent died of a drug overdose in his prison cell.

John Mulligan

popular name: John Mulligan

date_of_death: September 26, 1993

age: 52

cause_of_death: Multiple gunshot wounds to the head and face

claim_to_fame: Crime and their Victims

best_know_for: Detective John Mulligan was a 20+ veteran of the Boston Police Department who people, both inside and outside law enforcement, have called "the crookedest cop in Boston". Allegedly Mulligan was gaming the overtime system, stole drugs and money from drug dealers and plied those drugs to coerce prostitutes for sexual favors when he was shot five times in the head execution style. Sean Ellis in 1995 was convicted in the murder during an armed robbery, but that decision was overturned in 2015 amid revelations of police misconduct and corruption. To date nobody has been properly charged with Mulligan's murder.

Bobby Franks

popular name: Bobby Franks

date_of_death: May 21, 1924

age: 14

cause_of_death: Homicide - beaten and asphyxiated

claim_to_fame: Crime and their Victims

best_know_for: Bobby Franks was the son of the very wealthy Chicago real estate speculator and developer Jacob Franks. On May 22, 1924, the body of 14-year-old Robert "Bobby" Franks was found murdered on Chicago’s South Side. The murder would launch the infamous Leopold and Loeb trial. The criminal trial that followed — “the trial of the century” — would go on to captivate the nation and catapult defense attorney Clarence Darrow to fame.

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