Richard Blackwell

Mr. Blackwell
Birth Name:
Richard Sylvan Selzer
Birth Date:
August 29, 1922
Birth Place:
Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, New York
Death Date:
October 19, 2008
Place of Death:
Los Angeles, California
Cause of Death:
Complications from an intestinal infection
Cemetery Name:
Hollywood Forever Cemetery
Claim to Fame:
Show Business
Mr. Blackwell, whose first name was Richard, was a little-known dress designer when he issued his first tongue-in-cheek criticism of Hollywood fashion disasters for 1960 – long before Joan Rivers and others turned such ridicule into a daily affair. He was the creator of the "Ten Worst Dressed Women List", an annual awards presentation he unveiled in January of each year. He published the "Fabulous Fashion Independents" list and an annual Academy Awards fashion review, both of which receive somewhat less media attention. Prior to his Worst Dressed list, Blackwell designer dresses sold for between $800 to $1,000 and were very successful. During the nearly two decade existence of the "House of Blackwell", he was designer to Yvonne De Carlo, Jayne Mansfield, Dorothy Lamour, and Jane Russell. During the 1980s, the emerging drift toward casual wear brought an end to The House of Blackwell. As he pivoted as a fashion critic, overtime Mr. Blackwell's somewhat mean spirited list began to wear thin. His take on Wynonna Judd ("She looks like Hulk Hogan in sequins"), on Martha Stewart ("Dresses like the centerfold for Farmers' Almanac") and the Dixie Chicks ("They look like a trio of truck stop fashion tragedies/ trapped in a typhoon") was losing it's audience appeal over time. Despite the waning audience he continued up until his death at age 86.

Cemetery Information:

Final Resting Place:

Hollywood Forever Cemetery

6000 Santa Monica Blvd.

Los Angeles, California, 90038


North America


map of Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Hollywood CA

Grave Location:

Section 7, Lot 203, Grave 1

Grave Location Description

As you enter the cemetery make the first left and drive around towards the lake and the Garden of Legends. Turn right at your first intersection and park about 200 feet after the turn. On you left you will see the lake and on your right you will see a pillared monument for Hovanesyan. Walk to the left of Hovanesyan and just past actor Darren McGavin you will find the black monument to Mr. Blackwell.

Grave Location GPS

34.089680727, -118.3175470121



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