Scrapper Blackwell

Birth Name:
Francis Hillman Blackwell
Birth Date:
February 21, 1903
Birth Place:
Syracuse, South Carolina
Death Date:
October 7, 1962
Place of Death:
behind 527 West 17th Street, Indianapolis, Indiana
Cause of Death:
Murdered (solved but no arrest)
Cemetery Name:
New Crown Cemetery
Claim to Fame:
Scrapper Blackwell, together with Leroy Carr are arguably the two most underrated blues musicians of the 1920s and 1930s. What is undeniable is the two together created some of the most recorded blues classics including How Long, How Long Blues, Mean Mistreater Mama and When the Sun Goes Down

Cemetery Information:

Final Resting Place:

New Crown Cemetery

2101 Churchman Ave

Indianapolis, Indiana, 46203


North America


Cemetery map of New Crown Cemetery in Indianapolis, Indiana.
Cemetery map of New Crown Cemetery in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Grave Location:

Section 20, Row 8, Lot 26

Grave Location Description

Drive straight through the entrance, take the 4th left and then right when the road ends. Drive 200 feet and park. His grave is 100 feet from the road on your right

Grave Location GPS

39.740633, -86.1158



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