Ann Putnam Sr.

Birth Name:
Ann Carr Putnam
Birth Date:
June 15, 1661
Birth Place:
Salisbury, Massachusetts
Death Date:
June 8, 1699
Place of Death:
Salem Village, Massachusetts Bay Colony
Cause of Death:
Unknown infectious disease
Cemetery Name:
Putnam Family Burial Ground
Claim to Fame:
Historical Figure
Ann Putnam, her husband and one of their daughters (Ann Putnam Jr.) all levied accusations of witchcraft, many of them against extended members of the Porter family, and testified at the trials. She is responsible for the accusations of 43 people, and her daughter is responsible for 62. They are considered the instigators of the infamous Salem Witch Trials.

Fun Fact

Of all the Putnam Family members who provided false accusations and witness during the Salem Witch Trails, only Ann Putnam Jr. wrote an apology to be read in church. And even that apology is tainted with the fact she wrote it with the understanding she would be allowed back into the Church.

Cemetery Information:

Final Resting Place:

Putnam Family Burial Ground

485R Maple Street

Danvers, Massachusetts, 01923


North America

Grave Location:

Unmarked Grave

Grave Location Description

As you make the turn into Maple Street immediately veer to the left and head for the narrow paved road and park. Walk the short distance to the modest gate was walk around the gate and make your way to the left to the large mound of dirt and grass that is separate from the tombstones. Here Ann Putnam Jr. and her mother Ann Putnam Sr. and father Thomas Putnam rest very uneasily in this unmarked grave.

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