Brigadier General Albert Myer

Birth Name:
Albert James Myer
Birth Date:
September 20, 1828
Birth Place:
Newburgh, New York
Death Date:
August 24, 1880
Place of Death:
Palace Hotel, Buffalo, New York
Cause of Death:
Kidney disease
Cemetery Name:
Forest Lawn Cemetery
Claim to Fame:
Historical Figure
Albert Myers was a surgeon, a general, father of the U.S. Army Signal Corps, inventor of wig-wag signaling (or aerial telegraphy), and also was the founder of the U.S. Weather Bureau

Cemetery Information:

Final Resting Place:

Forest Lawn Cemetery

1411 Delaware Avenue

Buffalo, New York, 14209


North America


Grave Location:

Section X, Lot 25, Space 5

Grave Location Description

Large Walden-Myer mausoleum

Grave Location GPS

42.93287533, -78.864124

Visiting The Grave:



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Ann Putnam Sr.

popular name: Ann Putnam Sr.

date_of_death: June 8, 1699

age: 37

cause_of_death: Unknown infectious disease

claim_to_fame: Historical Figure

best_know_for: Ann Putnam, her husband and one of their daughters (Ann Putnam Jr.) all levied accusations of witchcraft, many of them against extended members of the Porter family, and testified at the trials. She is responsible for the accusations of 43 people, and her daughter is responsible for 62. They are considered the instigators of the infamous Salem Witch Trials.

Ossie Davis

popular name: Ossie Davis

date_of_death: February 4, 2005

age: 87

cause_of_death: Suspected heart disease

claim_to_fame: Historical Figure

best_know_for: Ossie Davis was an American actor, director, writer, and activist. He and his wife, Ruby Dee were named to the NAACP Image Awards Hall of Fame; were awarded the National Medal of Arts and were recipients of the Kennedy Center Honors. He was inducted into the American Theater Hall of Fame in 1994. Ossie David made his film debut in 1950 in the Sidney Poitier film No Way Out. He was one of a handful of black actors able to find commercial success while avoiding stereotypical roles prior to 1970, which also included a significant role in the movies The Hill, The Cardinal, and The Scalphunters. In addition to acting, Ossie Davis was considered one of the most notable black directors of his generation. Some of his best known works include directing Gordon's War, Black Girl and Cotton Comes to Harlem.

Patrick J. Kennedy

popular name: Patrick J. Kennedy

date_of_death: May 18, 1929

age: 71

cause_of_death: Liver disease

claim_to_fame: Historical Figure

best_know_for: Patrick Joseph Kennedy (P.J. to his friends and grandfather to President John F. Kennedy) was the son of Irish immigrants. His father, Patrick Kennedy, died of cholera ten months after he was born while his mother, Bridget Kennedy, who also had three daughters, found work as a clerk in a shop. Working in the shipyards after high school, Kennedy borrowed money from his mother and sisters to purchase a run-down saloon in a poor area of Boston. Although he was himself a teetotaler, the business venture was a success and he was soon able to obtain a second saloon. Kennedy purchased a third bar in an upscale East Boston hotel, the Maverick House. Before he was thirty, his growing prosperity allowed him to buy a whiskey and fine liquors importing business, P.J. Kennedy and Company. In 1887 Kennedy married Mary Augusta Hickey, the daughter of a prosperous businessman in the city. A member of the Democratic Party Kennedy was elected to the Massachusetts Senate in 1892 where he worked behind the scenes as a party boss. After leaving state politics, Kennedy held various appointed positions in the city including elections commissioner, fire commissioner, and wire (electricity) commissioner. He continued his business career by helping to incorporate two Boston financial institutions, the Columbia Trust Company and the Sumner Savings Bank.

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