Danny Greene

The Irishman
Birth Name:
Daniel John Patrick Greene
Birth Date:
November 14, 1933
Birth Place:
Cleveland, Ohio
Death Date:
October 6, 1977
Place of Death:
Parking lot at 29001 Cedar Road, Lyndhurst, Ohio
Cause of Death:
Car bombing from a mob hit
Cemetery Name:
Calvary Cemetery
Claim to Fame:
Crime and their Victims
Danny Green was head of the Irish mob and associate of the Cleveland mobster John Nardi's during the 1970s gang war for the city's criminal operations. He pushed into the Cleveland rackets and began competing with the Italian-American Mafia for control of the city. Upon his assassination by hit-man Ray Ferritto, Jimmy Fratianno and Ferritto were indicted for charges related to the bombing. Fearing for his safety, Ferritto agreed to become a government witness against the mob and within five years the Cleveland outfit was effectively dismantled.

Cemetery Information:

Final Resting Place:

Calvary Cemetery

10000 Miles Road

Cleveland, Ohio, 44105


North America


Grave Location:

Section 10, Lot 152 B

Grave Location Description

About 4 rows into section 10 behind and to the left of the Donahue monument. Grave is unmarked and his cremated remains are allegedly buried along with his mother’s casket. While both of his parents graves are marked, his grave remains unmarked.

Grave Location GPS

41.44032861, -81.61156334

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