Jeff Porcaro

Birth Name:
Jeffrey Thomas Porcaro
Birth Date:
April 1, 1954
Birth Place:
South Windsor, Connecticut
Death Date:
August 5, 1992
Place of Death:
Humana Hospital-West Hills, West Hills, California
Cause of Death:
Heart attack due to occlusive coronary artery disease caused by atherosclerosis resulting from excessive cocaine use
Cemetery Name:
Forest Lawn Memorial Cemetery Hollywood Hills
Claim to Fame:
Jeff Porcaro was a founding member of the band Toto with his brother, Steve, and four others. The group’s hits included ″Hold the Line″ in 1977, ″Rosanna″ in 1982 and ″Africa″ in 1983. Interestingly enough, when Jeff was seventeen, he got his first professional gig playing in Sonny & Cher's touring band.

Ok, if I get one more email, private message or letter from the family’s attorney stating that Jeff Porcaro died from an allergic reaction to pesticides while spraying trees in his garden I am going to totally flip my shit. Seriously people … how delusional do you have to be (and I’m including members of the band Toto) to deny the fact that not only did the official LA County Coroner’s Office autopsy find that Porcaro’s death was related to hardening of the arteries stemming from cocaine use, but he had COCAINE IN HIS BLOOD STREAM WHEN HE DIED! But let’s ignore the fact that no pesticides where found in his blood workup during the autopsy. So please just stop it, accept the science and let’s all move on…

Oh … I almost forgot – Jeff Porcaro was a fantastic drummer.

Cemetery Information:

Final Resting Place:

Forest Lawn Memorial Cemetery Hollywood Hills

6300 Forest Lawn Drive

Los Angeles, California, 90068


North America


Grave Location:

Lincoln Terrace, Lot 120

Grave Location Description

As you approach the Lincoln Terrace go to the top of the stairs, turn right and walk to the end and you will find the final resting place of Toto’s infamous drummer

Grave Location GPS

34.14307, -118.31926

Visiting The Grave:



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