Show Business
Age 61
January 19, 1924 - February 12, 1985
St Ann Cemetery / Cranston / Rhode Island / USA / North America
Nicholas Colasanto was a well-loved actor and television director who achieved his greatest success as "Coach" on the TV series Cheers (1982). After serving his country during World War II, at the age of 28, he saw Henry Fonda per...
Age 50
September 6, 1925 - August 29, 1976
Lincoln Cemetery / Blue Island / Illinois / USA / North America
Jimmy Reed was an American blues musician and songwriter whose particular style of electric blues was popular with blues as well as non-blues audiences. Reed's songs such as "Honest I Do" (1957), "Baby What You Want Me to Do" (196...
Age 61
February 10, 1932 - August 26, 1993
Calvary Cemetery / Lafayette / Louisiana / USA / North America
Rockin’ Dopsie (pronounced DOOP-sie), along with Boozoo Chavis and Clifton Chenier, is widely acknowledged to be one of the originators of zydeco music. Dopsie played music for dancing, assimilating R&B influences into zydeco an...
Age 61
December 19, 1918 - January 30, 1980
Mount Olivet Cemetery / New Orleans / Louisiana / USA / North America
Professor Longhair (or "Fess" for short) was a Louisiana born singer and pianist who performed New Orleans blues. He was active in two distinct periods, first in the heyday of early rhythm and blues and later in the resurgence of ...
Age 60
January 27, 1885 - November 11, 1945
Ferncliff Cemetery / Hartsdale / New York / USA / North America
If he had only written the score for Showboat, Jerome Kern's position as a musical genius would be secure. Instead he also wrote Smoke Gets In Your Eyes, The Way You Look Tonight and countless other songs for Broadway and the movi...
The Odd and the Interesting
Age 2
July 20, 1859 - February 7, 1862
Hollywood Cemetery / Richmond / Virginia / United States / North America
In 1862 two-year-old Bernardine died from Scarlet Fever and her grave is often found adorned with trinkets, toys, rings, flowers, and stones. But what makes Bernardine's final resting place such a tourist draw is that it is guarde...
Historical Figure
Age 28
June 15, 1955 - April 25, 1984
Holyhood Cemetery / Chestnut Hill / Massachusetts / USA / North America
David Kennedy was the was the fourth of eleven children to Senator Robert F. Kennedy and Ethel Skakel Kennedy who had led a deeply troubled life since witnessing the assassination of his father on live TV as he was waiting for his...
Business and Finance
Age 74
February 18, 1795 - November 4, 1869
Harmony Grove Cemetery / Salem / Massachusetts / USA / North America
George Peabody was an American financier and philanthropist and is widely regarded as the father of modern philanthropy. Born into a poor family in Massachusetts, Peabody went into business in dry goods and later into banking. ...
Age 95
October 15, 1917 - February 5, 2013
Eternal Hills Memorial Park / Oceanside / California / USA / North America
Paul Tanner (October 15, 1917 – February 5, 2013) was an American musician and a member of the Glenn Miller Orchestra. Tanner gained fame as a trombonist, playing with Glenn Miller and His Orchestra from 1938 to 1942, the group'...
Show Business
Age 84
November 30, 1920 - January 17, 2005
Pierce Brothers Valley Oaks Memorial Park / Westlake Village / California / USA / North America
Virginia Mayo was a 1940s screen siren who co-starred opposite Danny Kaye, Ronald Reagan, Gregory Peck and James Cagney (to name just a few) in more the 40 films during the 1940s and '50s. A former vaudeville performer, she made h...
Age 35
September 8, 1897 - May 26, 1933
Oak Grove Baptist Church Cemetery / Meridian / Mississippi / USA / North America
Jimmie Rodgers was an American singer, songwriter and musician who rose to popularity in the late 1920s. Widely regarded as "the Father of Country Music", he is best known for his distinctive rhythmic yodeling. During his all-to b...
Show Business
Age 82
November 30, 1887 - November 12, 1970
Desert Memorial Park / Cathedral City / California / USA / North America
George MacAnnan was an American actor best known for his supporting roles in Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon (1943), Supernatural (1933) and White Zombie (1932).
Age 74
May 18, 1911 - November 24, 1985
Roosevelt Memorial Park Cemetery / Gardena / California / USA / North America
Big Joe Turner, a 300-pound legend who learned to sing the blues as a Kansas City junkman and transformed decades of urban black music into the roots of rock ‘n’ roll. Turner sang rhythm and blues songs such as “Shake, Rattl...
Business and Finance
Age 68
October 11, 1906 - August 24, 1975
Ferncliff Cemetery / Hartsdale / New York / USA / North America
Charles Revson was an American businessman and philanthropist. He was best known as a pioneering cosmetics industry executive who, with brother Joseph Revson along with a chemist, Charles Lachman (who contributed the "L" in the Re...
Age 56
October 11, 1854 - August 31, 1911
Forest Lawn Cemetery / Buffalo / New York / USA / North America
William "Whoop-La" White was an American baseball pitcher and manager from 1875 to 1889. He played all or parts of 10 seasons in Major League Baseball, primarily for the Cincinnati Reds in the National League (1878–1879) and the...