Age 70
December 24, 1945 - December 28, 2015
Forest Lawn Memorial Cemetery Hollywood Hills / Los Angeles / California / USA / North America
Inspired by the Beatles and worked as a roadie for the Jimi Hendrix Experience in the 1960s, Lemmy Kilmister was the pure embodiment of the rock 'n' roll spirit. A fixture at the Rainbow on Hollywood Blvd when not on the road, Lem...
The Odd and the Interesting
Age 79
September 7, 1926 - August 23, 2006
Stepney Cemetery / Monroe / Connecticut / USA / North America
Ed Warren was a world renowned paranormal researcher and ghosthunter and was half of the husband and wife team of Ed and Lorraine Warren, Seekers of the Supernatural. The team was often asked to assist in numerous police investiga...
Crime and their Victims
Age 47
October 14, 1941 - August 20, 1989,
Princeton Cemetery / Princeton / New Jersey / USA / North America
Kitty Menendez was a former beauty queen, school teacher and mid-level Beverly Hills socialite who was married to entertainment executive Jose Menendez. Sadly Kitty and Jose will always be remembered as the murder victims of their...
Crime and their Victims
Age 89
September 3, 1929 - October 30, 2018
St. Joseph Cemetery / West Roxbury / Massachusetts / USA / North America
James Joseph "Whitey" Bulger Jr. was an American organized crime boss and FBI informant who led the Winter Hill Gang in the Winter Hill neighborhood of Somerville, Massachusetts, a city directly northwest of Boston. On December 23...
Crime and their Victims
Age 57
January 27, 1886 - March 19, 1943
Mount Carmel Catholic Cemetery / Hillside / Illinois / USA / North America
Frank Nitti, nicknamed “The Enforcer,” was an Italian-American gangster and one of Al Capone‘s top henchmen, Nitti was in charge of all money flowing through the operation and upon Capone's arrest and conviction on tax charg...
Show Business
Age 38
December 8, 1953 - April 10, 1992
Memorial Park Cemetery / Tulsa / Oklahoma / USA / North America
American stand-up comedian and actor best known for his Pentecostal preacher scream, and roles in the popular films 'Caddyshack' and 'Back to School'. Sam Kinison struggled with cocaine addiction, and having been clean 2 months an...
Show Business
Age 33
January 24, 1949 - March 5, 1982
Abel Hill Cemetery / Chilmark / Massachusetts / United States / North America
John Belushi was an was an actor, comedian and blues singer who initially found fame as and one of the seven original cast members of the comedy show Saturday Night Live. He later went on to star in the hit movies National Lampoon...
Historical Figure
Age 41
December 1, 1776 - March 27, 1818
Cimetière du Père Lachaise / Paris / France / Europe
Baroness Elizaveta Alexandrovna Stroganova was a Russian aristocrat of the Stroganov family. Married to Count Nikolai Nikitich Demidov, they had two children - Pavel (Paul) (1798–1840) and Anatoly (Anatole) (1812–1869). They w...
Crime and their Victims
Age 20
February 28, 1960 - August 14, 1980
Pierce Brothers Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery / Los Angeles / California / USA / North America
A Canadian model, and actress, Dorothy Stratten was the Playboy Playmate of the Month for August 1979 and Playmate of the Year in 1980. She was brutally murdered at the age of 20 years old by her estranged husband and manager Paul...
The Odd and the Interesting
Age 25
December 21, 1896 - September 12, 1922
Rosedale Cemetery / Montclair / New Jersey / USA / North America
Amelia ‘Mollie’ Maggia was the middle child of seven Maggia sisters; listed in order of age: Louise, Clara, Albina, Mollie, Quinta, Irma and Josephine. Children of Italian immigrants, Albina, Mollie, Quinta and Irma all worked...
Crime and their Victims
Age 42
February 16, 1878 - May 11, 1920
Oak Woods Cemetery / Chicago / Illinois / USA / North America
James "Big Jim" Colosimo was the first organized crime leader in Chicago who ran a popular restaurant, Colosimo's Cafe, that was a hot spot for vice in Chicago. Colosimo built his empire on gambling, prostitution and load sharkin...
Age 52
July 20, 1964 - May 18, 2017
Hollywood Forever Cemetery / Los Angeles / California / USA / North America
Possessing a nearly four-octave range and one of the key figures in the 1990s Seattle grunge music movement, Chris Cornell was know as the lead singer and guitarist of Soundgarden and Audioslave as well as successful solo efforts....
Crime and their Victims
Age 82
July 5, 1934 - June 19, 2017
Oak Grove Cemetery / Medford / Massachusetts / USA / North America
Peter Limone was an active member in the Patriarca crime family as a bookie and was an up-and-coming mobster in the Boston crime family who, prior to his arrest, was only arrested once for running a dice game. In 1965, Edward "Ted...
Crime and their Victims
Age 64
November 5, 1908 - September 7, 1973
Queen of Heaven Catholic Cemetery / Hillside / Illinois / USA / North America
Sam "Teets" Battaglia joined the Torrio-Capone gang at the age of 16, right at the beginning of the Beer Wars of the 1920s. As a high-level member of the Chicago Outfit criminal organization, Sam Battaglia quickly rose in the rank...
The Odd and the Interesting
Age 47
November 11, 1947 - December 3, 1994
Sharon Memorial Park / Sharon / Massachusetts / USA / North America
Elizabeth Glaser was an actress, educator, activist, author, and founder of the Pediatric AIDS Foundation, Elizabeth Glaser. In fact, it was Elizabeth Glaser’s fight to save her HIV-positive children led to her creation of the P...