Crime and their Victims
Age 86
April 28, 1906 - May 22, 1992
Queen of Heaven Catholic Cemetery / Hillside / Illinois / USA / North America
Tony Accardo was the longest-serving boss of the Chicago Outfit. He worked for Al Capone, then ran the crime group for many decades before his death in 1992. Although he is suspected in participating in over 20 murders, he only sp...
Show Business
Age 99
April 22, 1906 - May 26, 2005
Pierce Brothers Westwood Village Memorial Park / Los Angeles / California / USA / North America
American actor best known for his role on the 1960s television comedy series "Green Acres" as Oliver Wendell Douglas. Eddie Albert was nominated twice for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in Roman Ho...
Crime and their Victims
Age 25
March 24, 1909 - May 23, 1934
Western Heights Cemetery / Dallas / Texas / USA / North America
Clyde Barrow was part of the infamous criminal couple 'Bonnie and Clyde'. Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker were known for their bank robberies that captured the attention of the American press and public during the "public enemy era...
World Leaders
Age 85
February 11, 1921 - May 23, 2006
Forest Park Lawndale Cemetery / Houston / Texas / USA / North America
Lloyd Bentson was a four-term United States Senator (1971–1993) from Texas, the Democratic Party nominee for vice president in 1988 on the Michael Dukakis ticket and served as the 69th United States Secretary of the Treasury und...
World Leaders
Age 51
August 15, 1769 - May 5, 1821
Les Invalides / Paris / 7th arrondissement / France / Europe
Napoleon Bonaparte was a French military general, the first emperor of France and one of the world's greatest military leaders. Napoleon revolutionized military organization and training, sponsored the Napoleonic Code, reorganized...
Business and Finance
Age 74
November 8, 1836 - May 30, 1911
Springfield Cemetery / Springfield / Massachusetts / USA / North America
Milton Bradley was an American business magnate, game pioneer and publisher, credited by many with launching the board game industry. Bradley spent much of his life promoting the Friedrich Froebel kindergarten movement both person...
Historical Figure
Age 28
February 20, 1920 - May 13, 1948
St. Peter’s Church / Edensor / Bakewell / United Kingdom / Europe
Kathleen Agnes Cavendish, Marchioness of Hartington (née Kennedy) also known as "Kick" Kennedy was an American socialite. She was the second daughter of Joseph P. Kennedy Sr. and Rose Fitzgerald, a sister of U.S. President John F...
Crime and their Victims
Age 54
June 16, 1923 - May 22, 1978
St. John Cemetery / Middle Village / New York / USA / North America
Joseph Colombo Sr. became the boss of the Colombo crime family, one of five families associated with the American Mafia in New York City. Joseph Colombo’s father Anthony was an early member of the Profaci crime family, forerunne...
Crime and their Victims
Age 42
February 16, 1878 - May 11, 1920
Oak Woods Cemetery / Chicago / Illinois / USA / North America
James "Big Jim" Colosimo was the first organized crime leader in Chicago who ran a popular restaurant, Colosimo's Cafe, that was a hot spot for vice in Chicago. Colosimo built his empire on gambling, prostitution and load sharkin...
Age 52
July 20, 1964 - May 18, 2017
Hollywood Forever Cemetery / Los Angeles / California / USA / North America
Possessing a nearly four-octave range and one of the key figures in the 1990s Seattle grunge music movement, Chris Cornell was know as the lead singer and guitarist of Soundgarden and Audioslave as well as successful solo efforts....
Age 91
March 5, 1930 - May 5, 2021
Loma Linda Memorial Park / Fullerton / California / USA / North America
Delmar Crandall was an American professional baseball player and manager. Crandall played as a catcher in Major League Baseball and spent most of his career with the Boston / Milwaukee Braves. He led the league in assists a record...
Show Business
Age 73
March 23, 1904 - May 10, 1977
Ferncliff Cemetery / Hartsdale / New York / USA / North America
Ranked in the Top Ten list of greatest female stars of Classic Hollywood Cinema by the American Film Institute, Joan Crawford's brilliant career included memorable performances in Mildred Pierce (1944), Possessed (1947), Sudden Fe...
Historical Figure
Age 67
April 15, 1452 - May 2, 1452
Chapel of Saint-Hubert at Château Royal d'Amboise / Amboise / France / Europe
Leonardo da Vinci (Italian for “Leonardo from Vinci”) was an Italian painter, draftsman, sculptor, architect, and engineer whose skill and intelligence, perhaps more than that of any other figure, epitomized the Renaissance hu...
Age 54
January 17, 1933 - May 3, 1987
Cimetière de Montmartre / Paris / France / Europe
Dalida (aka Yolande Christina Gigliotti) was born in Shoudra, a district of Cairo the child of Italian immigrants from Calabria. Her father played the violin at Cairo Opera House. In 1950 she won the beauty contest Miss Ondina, bu...
Show Business
Age 64
December 8, 1925 - May 16, 1990
Forest Lawn Memorial Cemetery / Glendale / California / USA / North America
Sammy Davis Jr. overcame prevailing racism to establish himself as an entertainment legend, becoming a successful comedian, actor, dancer and singer. Sammy first appeared on stage at age 2 and made his debut in the film Rufus Jone...