Age 49
July 10, 1943 - February 6, 1993
Woodland Cemetery / Richmond / Virginia / USA / North America
Arthur Ashe was an American professional tennis player. He won three Grand Slam titles in singles and two in doubles and was the first Black player selected to the United States Davis Cup team, and the only Black man ever to win t...
The Odd and the Interesting
Age 80
October 30, 1892 - December 24, 1972
St. John Cemetery / Middle Village / New York / USA / North America
Charles Atlas was an Italian-born American bodybuilder best remembered as the developer of a bodybuilding method and its associated exercise program which spawned a landmark advertising campaign featuring his name and likeness; it...
Age 85
June 7, 1845 - July 15, 1930
Ferncliff Cemetery / Hartsdale / New York / USA / North America
Leopold Auer was a renown Hungarian violinist, academic, conductor and composer, best known as an outstanding violin teacher. Many notable virtuoso violinists including Jascha Heifetz, Mischa Elman, and Efrem Zimbalist were among ...
Age 53
August 13, 1939 - June 10, 1993
Ferncliff Cemetery / Hartsdale / New York / USA / North America
Arleen Auger was an American soprano opera singer known for her melodic voice and interpretations of works by Bach, Handel, Haydn, Monteverdi, Mozart, and Schubert. Auger won a Grammy for Best Classical Vocal Performance in 1994 f...
Writers and Poets
Age 41
December 16, 1775 - July 18, 1817
Westminster Abbey / Westminster, London / United Kingdom / Europe
Jane Austen was an English novelist known primarily for her six major novels which include Sense and Sensibility (1811), Pride and Prejudice (1813), Mansfield Park (1814) and Emma (1816). With the first four novels which interpret...
Age 91
September 29, 1907 - October 2, 1998
Forest Lawn Memorial Park – Hollywood Hills / Los Angeles / California / USA / North America
Gene Autry, nicknamed the Singing Cowboy, was an American singer, songwriter, actor, musician, rodeo performer, and baseball owner who gained fame largely by singing in a crooning style on radio, in films, and on television for mo...
Age 34
July 13, 1936 - November 25, 1970
Highland Park Cemetery / Cleveland / Ohio / USA / North America
Ayler was an American avant-garde jazz saxophonist, singer and composer and the older brother of jazz trumpeter Donald Ayler. Ayler began recording music during the free-form jazz era of the 1960s and evoked incredibly strong and...
Show Business
Age 88
December 28, 1908 - December 30, 1996
Pierce Brothers Westwood Village Memorial Park / Los Angeles / California / USA / North America
Lew Ayres was an American actor best known for as role as German soldier Paul Bäumer in the film All Quiet on the Western Front (1930) and for playing Dr. Kildare in nine movies. He was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Act...
Age 94
May 22, 1924 - October 1, 2018
Cimetière de Montfort-l'Amaury / Cimetière de Montfort-l'Amaury / France / Europe
Charles Aznavour was a French singer of Armenian ancestry, as well as a songwriter, lyricist, actor and diplomat. Aznavour was known for his distinctive vibrato tenor voice: clear and ringing in its upper reaches, with gravelly an...
Writers and Poets
Age 63
August 2, 1924 - December 1, 1987
Ferncliff Cemetery / Hartsdale / New York / USA / North America
James Baldwin was an American author, playwright, poet and activist. His work explored the intricacies of racial, sexual, and class distinctions in the Western society of the United States during the mid twentieth-century. He used...
Crime and their Victims
Age 25
March 24, 1909 - May 23, 1934
Western Heights Cemetery / Dallas / Texas / USA / North America
Clyde Barrow was part of the infamous criminal couple 'Bonnie and Clyde'. Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker were known for their bank robberies that captured the attention of the American press and public during the "public enemy era...
Age 64
March 25, 1881 - September 26, 1945
Farkasréti Cemetery / Budapest / New York / Hungary / Europe
Béla Bartók was a Hungarian composer, pianist, and one founders of comparative musicology (ethnomusicologist). He is considered one of the most important composers of the 20th century, and he and Franz Liszt are regarded as Hung...
Age 61
December 1, 1947 - March 14, 2009
Cimetière du Père Lachaise / Paris / France / Europe
Alain Bashung was a French singer, songwriter and actor credited with reviving the French chanson in "a time of French musical turmoil" and was one of the most influential and admired French singer/songwriters of the last 40 years...
Crime and their Victims
Age 64
November 5, 1908 - September 7, 1973
Queen of Heaven Catholic Cemetery / Hillside / Illinois / USA / North America
Sam "Teets" Battaglia joined the Torrio-Capone gang at the age of 16, right at the beginning of the Beer Wars of the 1920s. As a high-level member of the Chicago Outfit criminal organization, Sam Battaglia quickly rose in the rank...
Writers and Poets
Age 75
March 14, 1887 - October 5, 1962
Princeton Cemetery / Princeton / New Jersey / USA / North America
In the 1920s and 1930s, Sylvia Beach owned and ran Shakespeare and Company, a Paris bookshop. The shop became the community center for "lost generation" intellectuals from Britain and America, including James Joyce, Ezra Pound, Er...
Age 74
October 24, 1927 - December 18, 2001
Cimetière du Père Lachaise / Paris / France / Europe
Gilbert Bécaud was a French singer, composer, pianist and actor known as "Monsieur 100,000 Volts" for his energetic performances. His best-known hits are "Nathalie" and "Et maintenant", a 1961 release that became an English langu...
Writers and Poets
Age 83
April 13, 1906 - December 22, 1989
Cimetière du Montparnasse / Paris / France / Europe
Samuel Beckett was an enigmatic and reclusive Irish playwright, poet and novelist who won a Nobel Prize for literature and who was best known for his 1952 drama, "Waiting for Godot". Beckett was considered one of the primary expon...
Crime and their Victims
Age 15
June 25, 1959 - December 16, 1974
Swampscott Cemetery / Swampscott / Massachusetts / USA / North America
Henry was a young teenager who was found in the woods overlooking his hometown of Swampscott, Massachusetts. He was beaten to death with a baseball bat and his murder has gone unsolved for over 40 years.
Age 56
December 17, 1770 - March 26, 1827
Der Wiener Zentralfriedhof / Simmeringer Hauptstraße 234 / Vienna / Austria / Europe
Ludwig van Beethoven was a German composer and pianist who remains one of the most admired composers in the history of Western music. His works rank among the most performed of the classical music repertoire and span the transitio...
Age 28
March 10, 1903 - August 6, 1931
Oakdale Memorial Gardens / Davenport / Iowa / USA / North America
Bix Beiderbecke was an American jazz cornetist, pianist and composer who was one of the most influential jazz soloists of the 1920s. As a cornet player noted for an inventive lyrical approach and purity of tone and with such clari...