The Odd and the Interesting
Age 82
October 24, 1838 - April 29, 1921
Oakwood Cemetery / Niagara Falls / New York / USA / North America
Annie Edson Taylor was an American schoolteacher who, on her 63rd birthday, October 24, 1901, became the first, and oldest, person to go over Niagara Falls intentionally and survive. The trip itself took less than twenty minutes, ...
Age 38
July 15, 1952 - April 23, 1991
Mount St. Mary's Cemetery / Flushing / New York / USA / North America
One cannot talk about the origins of punk rock without mentioning the New York Dolls and their lead guitarist - Johnny Thunders. This underrated American glam band played an important role in influencing bands as diverse as the Se...
Historical Figure
Age 100
May 30, 1907 - April 18, 2008
Le Panthéon / Paris / France / Europe
Germaine Tillion was a French ethnologist, best known for her work in Algeria in the 1950s on behalf of the French government. She was member of the French resistance, she spent time in the Ravensbrück concentration camp. Germain...
Crime and their Victims
Age 75
January 20, 1882 - April 16, 1957
Green-Wood Cemetery / Brooklyn / New York / USA / North America
Johnny Torrio was an Italian-American gangster, known for his cunning and finesse, who became a top crime boss in Chicago after he order the hit on his boss - Big Jim Colosimo. Johnny Torrio helped build the Chicago Outfit in the ...
Age 47
March 10, 1946 - April 28, 1993
Oakwood Cemetery / Raleigh / North Carolina / USA / North America
Nicknamed Jimmy V, Jim Valvano was a successful college basketball player, coach, and sports broadcaster. Valvano had a successful coaching career with multiple schools, culminating at North Carolina State University. While the he...
The Odd and the Interesting
Age 92
January 31, 1927 - April 18, 2019
Stepney Cemetery / Monroe / Connecticut / USA / North America
Lorraine Warren was a world renowned paranormal researcher and ghosthunter and was half of the husband and wife team of Ed and Lorraine Warren, Seekers of the Supernatural. The team was often asked to assist in numerous police inv...
Age 70
April 4, 1913 - April 30, 1983
Restvale Cemetery / Alsip / Illinois / USA / North America
If blues is an original American art form, then Muddy Waters should be considered an original American icon. An extraordinarily potent singer, songwriter and guitarist, Waters was the architect of Chicago Blues. Backed by Little W...
Age 67
September 1, 1931 - April 12, 1999
Ozark Memorial Park Cemetery / Branson / Missouri / USA / North America
Perhaps the most successful invented character in the history of country music, Boxcar Willie was an American country music singer and songwriter who sang in the "old-time hobo" music style, complete with dirty face, overalls, and...
Age 68
June 19, 1939 - April 21, 2008
Evergreen Memorial Park / Riverside / California / USA / North America
Al Wilson is best remembered for the #1 pop hit "Show and Tell". From the age of 12 Wilson was already singing professionally - his own spiritual quartet and singing in the church choir, even performing covers of country & western...
Business and Finance
Age 66
April 13, 1852 - April 8, 1919
Woodlawn Cemetery / Bronx / New York / USA / North America
F. W. Woolworth was an American entrepreneur, the founder of F. W. Woolworth Company, and the operator of variety stores known as "Five-and-Dimes" (5- and 10-cent stores or dime stores) which featured a selection of low-priced mer...
Age 91
June 8, 1867 - April 9, 1959
Taliesin West Burial Site / Scottsdale / Arizona / USA / North America
Frank Lloyd Wright was an American architect, designer, writer, and educator. He designed more than 1,000 structures over a creative period of 70 years. Wright believed in designing in harmony with humanity and the environment, a ...