Show Business
Age 43
July 20, 1938 - November 29, 1981
Pierce Brothers Westwood Village Memorial Park / Los Angeles / California / USA / North America
A doe-eyed, brunette beauty, Natalie Wood was one of Hollywood's brightest stars and a legend both on and off the silver screen. She was the recipient of four Golden Globes, and received three Academy Award nominations during her ...
Show Business
Age 69
October 26, 1946 - December 6, 2015
Hollywood Forever Cemetery / Los Angeles / California / USA / North America
As part of the Warhol posse who appeared in the movies Trash (1970) and Women in Revolt (1971), Holly Woodlawn is best known as "Holly" in Lou Reed's hit pop song "Walk on the Wild Side".
Writers and Poets
Age 64
December 4, 1903 - September 25, 1968
Ferncliff Cemetery / Hartsdale / New York / USA / North America
Cornell Woolrich was an American novelist and short story writer. He published six 'jazz-age' novels, and is known best for his prolific work in pulp and detective fiction under his pseudonyms William Irish and George Hopley.
Business and Finance
Age 66
April 13, 1852 - April 8, 1919
Woodlawn Cemetery / Bronx / New York / USA / North America
F. W. Woolworth was an American entrepreneur, the founder of F. W. Woolworth Company, and the operator of variety stores known as "Five-and-Dimes" (5- and 10-cent stores or dime stores) which featured a selection of low-priced mer...
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Age 96
September 15, 1907 - August 8, 2004
Hollywood Forever Cemetery / Los Angeles / California / USA / North America
Fay Wray was a Canadian born American actress best known for starring as Ann Darrow in the classic 1933 film King Kong. After appearing in minor film roles, Wray gained media attention after being selected as one of the "WAMPAS Ba...
Age 81
December 19, 1879 - August 23, 1961
Holyhood Cemetery / Chestnut Hill / Massachusetts / USA / North America
A graduate of Harvard University, Beals Wright was an accomplished tennis player, winning gold medals in men’s singles and doubles at the 1904 St. Louis Olympic Games, U.S. championships in men’s doubles in 1904, 1905, and 190...
Age 91
June 8, 1867 - April 9, 1959
Taliesin West Burial Site / Scottsdale / Arizona / USA / North America
Frank Lloyd Wright was an American architect, designer, writer, and educator. He designed more than 1,000 structures over a creative period of 70 years. Wright believed in designing in harmony with humanity and the environment, a ...
Age 90
January 28, 1847 - August 21, 1937
Holyhood Cemetery / Chestnut Hill / Massachusetts / USA / North America
George Wright was baseball’s first superstar player – an extraordinary shortstop who excelled for the game’s first openly all-professional team, the Cincinnati Red Stockings. After his playing days were over, he successfully...
Show Business
Age 86
October 27, 1918 - March 6, 2005
Evergreen Cemetery / New Haven / Connecticut / USA / North America
Perhaps one of the greatest actresses you never heard of, Teresa Wright should be remembered for as the only performer to have received Academy Award nominations for her first three films. She was nominated twice for the Academy A...
Age 83
July 28, 1915 - October 14, 1998
Calvary Cemetery / Cleveland / Ohio / USA / North America
At his peak, Yankovic traveled around the world and performed 325 shows a year and sold 30 million records during his lifetime thus earning the title "America's Polka King". In 1969 he became a charter member of the Polka Hall of...
Show Business
Age 27
March 11, 1989 - June 19, 2016
Hollywood Forever Cemetery / Los Angeles / California / USA / North America
Russian born actor best known for his performance in three Star Trek movies as Pavel Chekov. He began his career as a child actor, appearing as the lead of the mystery drama film Hearts in Atlantis (2001) and a series regular on t...
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Age 78
August 26, 1936 - January 6, 2017
Hollywood Forever Cemetery / Los Angeles / California / USA / North America
Francine York was an American actress and model. York worked as a showgirl in her early career at Bimbo's nightclub in San Francisco. York's first screen role was in Robert Clarke's Hollywood exploitation film Secret File Hollywoo...
Age 49
August 27, 1909 - March 15, 1959
The Evergreens Cemetery / Brooklyn / New York / USA / North America
Lester Young, nicknamed "Pres" or "Prez", was an American jazz tenor saxophonist who is considered by many to be the greatest, most influential tenor sax player in the jazz idiom. Lester rose to prominence with the Count Basie Orc...
Age 75
July 7, 1932 - September 11, 2007
Der Wiener Zentralfriedhof / Simmeringer Hauptstraße 234 / Vienna / Austria / Europe
Joe Zawinul was an Austrian jazz and jazz fusion keyboardist and composer who first come to prominence with saxophonist Cannonball Adderley. Zawinul went on to play with Miles Davis and to become one of the creators of jazz fusion...
Show Business
Age 96
February 12, 1923 - June 15, 2019
Cimitero delle Porte Sante / Florence / Italy / Europe
Franco Zeffirelli was not only one of Italy’s most talented directors and designers in the theatrical arts, but was also involved with cinema and television for more than half a century. In any medium, he generally preferred a g...
Writers and Poets
Age 62
April 2, 1840 - September 29, 1902
Le Panthéon / Paris / France / Europe
Émile Zola was a French novelist, journalist, playwright, the best-known practitioner of the literary school of naturalism, and an important contributor to the development of theatrical naturalism. Naturalism contributes somethin...